your personal experiences with your dog & their separation anxiety?

I’ve had my dog for almost a year now and he’s a year and 5 months. In my senior year (last year) he was totally fine being home with the cat. He never destroyed anything other than his pee pee pad a couple times.

Now, the summer, we;ve been spending a lot more time together. I’ve left a couple times to go to the beach for about 5 hours and I would come home to a complete mess. Ripping up our exercise machine, his pee pee pad more often, and some clothes of mine that I would leave as a scent of me. Since I am going to be working for 7 and half hours almost everyday I need something to help him. And a dog sitter or someone to come here isn’t quite possible.

As of 2 days ago I am attempting to crate train him. However, I am aware that this can make his separation anxiety worse.

I need some help. Please do not advise a vet. The only vet near is 2 hours away. And personal trainers are quite the amount of money. I would just like to know what you have done in situations like this. Thank you so much for all your help.
Before I leave for work or to go anywhere in that matter, I take him out for a 20 minute walk. He’s a toy breed.

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6 Responses to “your personal experiences with your dog & their separation anxiety?”

  1. Dian N says:

    My pom used to scream when I left. Even if someone else was home. I put her in an exercise pen with her pee pads, toys, bed, water ect. (I work 8 hours Plus travel time I would be gone about 9 hours and I don’t think she could hold it that long). Eventually she learned that I would come back.
    But with my dog I really do not think she had true seperation anxiety.

  2. Natalie L says:

    My dog cries so loud, my neighbors complain. My hubby gets real mad at it and embarrassed.
    Its like a shrieking noise that can kill xD
    I hate it, I want to stop it, too.
    I am going to train him, you should as well.

    If my dog and I are alone in our room together, and my mom or hubby comes in to sit down with us, he growls and barks really loud! Like he doesn’t want them to come with us because he wants to be alone with me. I think it’s cute and adorable, but I’d like to stop it.

  3. blahblahblksheep says:

    My husky developed HORRIBLE seperation anxiety pretty much the same way your dog did. He was crate trained and got to the point where I could leave him without destruction. I had an accident and was off work for 4 weeks, spending most of my time with my dog. When I went back to work, he destroyed everything he could get hold of. I had to start him back in the crate, which did make things worse. He started causing harm to himslef trying to chew his way out, and he would get so upset that he would vomit in the crate. I called my vet for suggestions, and the only thing that worked was a medication called clomicalm. I felt horrible "drugging" my dog, but I was concerned he would REALLY hurt himself one day. After 2 days of his medicine, I was convinced. I would last for the 8 hours I was at work. I leave the tv on for him and he would just chill and watch tv, but by the time I got home, he was his normal hyperactive stubborn spoiled self. If nothing else works, I would really suggest looking into this. Good luck. I feel your pain. 🙂

  4. Love my Lab says:

    Definitely crate him while you are gone. You need to take the proper steps, not just stick him in a crate the first time. This is important not only for your home and belongings, but for the health and safety of your dog! Also, this dog is a year and 5 months? Please please please get rid of the pee pee pads. I don’t even like to housebreak dogs with pee pee pads, let alone continuously use them. At that age, your dog can wait until you get home to go to the bathroom.

  5. white chocolate says:

    OK start some training. Walk outside and then come back in after about 30 seconds. Continue this gradually extending the time you stay away by 2 minute increments, until you get up to about 2 hours being away. This will kill a day training but your dog will come to realize that you will return.

  6. drukawski says:

    Your dog is tearing apart your belongings because your dog has extra energy. Burn off the energy and he will stop. That means at least an hour of fast paced walking and an 30-45 additional min. of high intensity exercise would be even better. If you don’t have a lot of room for him to run around buy a dried bird wing from an outfitter like Sportsmans Warehouse or Cabelas and attach it to the line on a fishing pole, then get him to chase it around in the grass. Chances are his prey drive will force him to go after it full speed until he can’t stand anymore. Tired dog = happy owner.

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