Yorkie hair?

I have 2 Yorkies, one has perfect hair, it doesn’t tangle, extremely easy to brush… the other one is 9 months and still has baby fine hair, it seems that if you pet her at all, she mats up. I know that by 9 months, my other one didn’t have such fine hair. Will my baby always have hair like this? She HATES to be brushed and I do what I can to get the mats out, but there are so many and they are too close to her skin to cut off. She has already been shaved once and with it being Winter, I’m not going to have her shaved now. I have a feeling her hair will always be super fine, any tips on how to keep the mats minimal? I attempt to brush her everyday, but as I said she HATES it and I need both hands to work with the mats and when someone else trys to hold her, their hands are in the way of the mats, so that doesn’t help at all. Is there a miracle product to help?

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3 Responses to “Yorkie hair?”

  1. Tony M says:

    Of the breeds that mats can be a problem, no two dogs are the same – though with Yorkies it’s not so common. You’re quite right in not having her cut right down in the winter months.

    For some positive suggestions. First of all, ensure that you use one of the wire slicker brushes – NOT with the rounded ball at the end of the wires. The wires get right down to the soft matting undercoat fur next to the skin and strip it out. Until she grows out of it you’re going to persevere and groom her often.

    How often do you bath her? It helps, in your circumstances, to bath you dog often, and finish up with a conditioner. They do sell (expensive) conditioner especially for dogs – but I have always used cheaper conditioner intended for humans. On top of the "wet" conditioner, you can, as the last thing after you have towelled off most of the wet, use a human "leave-it-on" conditioner. These are usually in a "foaming" pressurised can. Rub this well in so that it gets close to the skin. If you do this regularly it helps in avoiding the matting and it makes it easier to strip out the fine fur next to the skin with the slicker brush when you groom. If the hair of the tail is a problem then use just a little Vitapointe (a human hair conditioner to give shiny hair). Just a pea-sized squeeze into the palm of your hand, rub your hands together and stroke it on and through her tail. You can also try a mat-cutter (like a comb with cutting blades) though I have had mixed results with these.

    Hope this helps.

  2. laundromatlyts says:

    show her whos boss. srick a muzzle on her and leash her to a chair/table leg and brush her twice a day.

  3. judithia says:

    You may just have a dog with a particularly hard-to-groom coat. My Miniature poodle has a very soft coat that tangles if you look at it and it requires a lot of daily grooming and not letting it grow too long. I would suggest having someone help you when you brush her. Just be very gentle and talk softly to her and give her treats to make the grooming process one that she will learn to enjoy rather than to fear. Get someone to help you if you need more hands. There are some detangling products on the market that might help. Either she hasn’t had a coat change yet, or her coat is gong to be that silky texture always. I don’t know about the standards for Yorkie coats, but if there is a shortish cut that you could keep her in, rather than to let the hair grow long and sweeping, that might help. Check around and see if there are any good books on Yorkie Grooming, or consult with a GOOD professional groomer who specializes in Yorkies to see what they might be able to tell you. Good luck!!

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