Wizard101 – How To Do The Carpet Glitch [Tutorial] (Detailed!)

Hey youtubers, in this video i wanted to show you all how to do the carpet glitch and make it really easy to follow. I decided to split the video into 3 parts. Part 1: How to make the rug go off the edge. Part 2: How to connect rugs. Part 3: How to make the rugs go higher. Materials Needed: Long Blue Runner/Large Watcher Rug (Some other carpets also work) Tatami Floor Mat Wooden Crate x2 Where To Purchase Items: Long Blue Runner/Large Watcher Rug: Wizard City Bazaar Tatami Floor Mat: Mooshu Housing Shop/Wizard City Bazaar Wooden Crates: Wizard City Bazaar Estimated Gold Used: 500 (Prices vary by how many of the items are in stock at the Bazaar) Note: If you cannot find a Tatami Floor Mat, and have no access to Mooshu, there are some alternatives to the mat. Pretty much any small rug around the size of the mat will do.

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    6 Responses to “Wizard101 – How To Do The Carpet Glitch [Tutorial] (Detailed!)”

    1. SeanFireBlade says:

      @TheFalconofdeath I did the beginning part with Windows Movie Maker. And I record with a program called Fraps.

    2. TheFalconofdeath says:

      how did you do the beganing part and what software did you record it with?

    3. SeanFireBlade says:

      @mmhh14 I use Fraps =)

    4. mmhh14 says:

      nice video! i was just wondering what software did u use to record?

    5. SeanFireBlade says:

      @sloanfroggyfriend lol no problem sloan.

    6. sloanfroggyfriend says:

      awesome man! its me. sloan. thanks sean, you really saved my skin. my party would not have been big enough will all those rugs! and the making them go higher made it even cooler! thanks, and i subscribed. laterz man!

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