Will my dogs be ok in an kennel in my garden?

I have two dogs: saluki/greyhound cross 7 yrs old and a collie/jack Russell cross 6 yrs old. Due to a change in circumstances I need to put them in a dog kennel / run in our garden. My husband is concerned the saluki is too old for this and it may damage him psychologically. He thinks it will be too cold although I have suggested insulating the kennel. We live in West Yorkshire. Any advice greatly appreciated!

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    6 Responses to “Will my dogs be ok in an kennel in my garden?”

    1. Charlene Howard says:

      Neither will adjust well or deserve to be stuck outside. A pet is not a lawn ornament and deserves to be treated as part of the family. It is also illegal to keep a dog pinned up or on a run for more than 9 hours a day. You can actually go to jail for that. If you must keep them permanently outside, just give them to someone who will treat them as family.

    2. Bonzie12 says:

      if the dog has been indoors for 7 years and now you just want to put him outside, the dog will not adjust very well especially as a senior dog. these dogs do not have a double coat and hardly any hair which protects them from the elements. Even having an insulated kennel won’t keep them warm enough when the temps get below 32.

    3. Meaghan says:

      give them to someone who can take care of them inside.. it’s not fair to have them be indoor dogs who spend most of their time with humans to ditching them in a kennel outside.

    4. Harry J says:

      should be fine, many friends of mine keep them outside and my neighbours got a 14year old akita in one right now, leave them with some toys.

    5. Dog Section Regular says:

      Dogs should be indoors. Neither are breeds that are breeds that would do ok outdoors. Insulation or not.

      Keep them inside. If you have to, crate them inside. They are getting up their in age, they need to be indoors.

    6. akluis says:

      make sure the ‘kennel’ isn’t just a chain link fence ‘run’ but has an actual doghouse part to it. Insulate the dog house part, or fill it with some straw.

      OR consider finding someone who can adopt your dogs.

      I don’t believe dogs MUST live inside BUT a dog that lived inside for almost all it’s life is going to have TOUGH time outside, both due to the mental change and due to never acclimating himself to outdoor living.

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