Why would you crate train?

when you could easily put peepee pads down and train the dog to only go on there? I just think its cruel to coop them up in a cage. I mean yeah they may think of it as a den, but I think they should have to option to when they want to be in their den. I understand if you are away to put the dog in, only in the beginning of the training, but at night i think that’s just wierd since they would be locked up for 7-8 hours!

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    2 Responses to “Why would you crate train?”

    1. Dave says:

      I don’t know of anyone who crate trains their dog like you mean where they are taught to go in their crate to relieve themselves while in the house. As for putting them (puppies) in at night, it serves a dual purpose. They actually get a sense of "security" out of it (thinking of it like their den – as you say), but also prevents them from wandering throughout the house and possibly having "accidents" while everyone is asleep.

      I did this with my dog when she was a puppy. When she needed to "go" at night, she would whimper and bark – and I’d wake up to let her outside. Once done, back in the crate until morning, when I’d let her out. All the time I’m continuing to house-train her. During the day, I’d leave the crate door open. Surprisingly, there were a lot of times she would go in by herself to lay down and either take a nap, or just sit there and watch what was going on. Eventually she outgrew the desire to want to go in it by herself, and became a true "house dog". But from time to time – when I travel – I take her in the crate. Since she’s already used to it, there’s no problem with her being in it for long flights. But I make sure to get her out as soon as I can so she can stretch her legs and take care of business.

    2. wyomugs says:

      This really is NOT an ETIQUETTE question. I suggest you RESUBMIT it in the category, "PETS" You will get more responses there. GOOD LUCK!

      As for my own response… it is a choice one makes. Crates are less messy then having "puppy pads" stewn throughout a properly clean house.

      Have a polite day.

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