Why is my female cat urinating on area rugs, in closets, etc. (her litter box is clean and has not been moved)

She has been doing this for a while, and especially when we leave. We’ve closed the closet doors, but she will find other places to go, on file cabinets, carpet, clothing. Nothing has changed in the house. We’ve cleaned the areas and then used pet repellent, but nothing works. I think she needs a cat psychologist.

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12 Responses to “Why is my female cat urinating on area rugs, in closets, etc. (her litter box is clean and has not been moved)”

  1. Lisa says:

    Mine did this before she was fixed. She is probably into heat. The vet told me that mine was "sexually frustrated" which lead to the peeing problem. Schedule her to get fixed. If it’s a UTI they’ll pick it up at that too.

  2. kelly92785 says:

    Have you recently changed her litter? My kitten was using the litter box just fine, but was tracking it all over the house. I decided to try Yesterday’s News because its easier to pick up and doesn’t track as much. She used it just fine for 2 weeks and then started going in her bed. I took her to the vet because I was worried she had an UTI, but she was perfectly healthy. The vet suggested I go back to the other litter, and so far there have been no problems. As soon as I put it in the box, she hopped right in and used it.

  3. queen_of_the_dead34 says:

    She’s either spraying or there’s something wrong with her. Take her to the vet! Duh!

  4. Ember Halo says:

    my female cat used to do this before we got her fixed, even when she wasnt’ in heat. (then her neutered brother would follow along & try & cover up her markings with his! ugh!). she hasn’t done it at all since she got spayed.

    is your kitty spayed?

  5. ggrpr says:

    probley UTI she needs a vet

  6. tiffany says:

    "behavioral problems" in cats are usually not. may have an UTI but also may have crystals in tract. watch the intake of water. if the cats old and been spayed, she may have urinary incontenence(like the old people that wear depends).

    the reason if its an UTI or crystals that shes wallking around peeing is that she knows its painful to pee here…but what about here? also she might be irritated or tired of her litter, which happens, change the litter with one with less dust in it or a different consistancy. that may solve the problem but you best bet is to see a vet

  7. mj says:

    It’s probably some kind of mental problem. Have you been leaving her alone a lot? Has a family member left or have strange people been coming in? In any case, she needs some extra attention. If you think there is no mental problem, it’s a urinary infection and vet treatment is essential. If you want to try this in the meantime, it might help:

    Start with some re-training: Put her in an appropriate small room (maybe a large bathroom) with a couple of litter boxes that are clean. Spread papers around to protect the room if you want. Spend time with her in that room so she isn’t all alone. Put her in the box sometimes and stroke her to tell her she’s a good cat and you’re not mad at her. She needs to calm down.

    It’s also important to realize that the spots she has urinated in still probably smell like pee to her; even if you can’t smell it, she can and it is an attraction to further urinate there. Take pains to cover it if it is wall to wall or else remove the rug or do some extra cleaning. There are bacterial remedies at stores you can get; follow the directions to the tee.

    And good luck.

  8. Chuck H says:

    Every time my cats did this they had a urinary infection. Run to the vet for some medicine and a special diet for your cat.

  9. steven m says:

    She is in heat and marking her terriory

    Ready to find a Tomcat

    Are you wanting Kittens

  10. sleepingliv says:

    She may be trying to show you something is wrong. Most likely a urinary tract infection. Do not wait on it. Take her into the vet as soon as possible.

  11. walking lady says:

    Have you had her checked for a UTI? A sudden change in behaviour like this means she should be taken to the vet first to rule out a physical cause.

  12. macleod709 says:

    have you had her to the vet to be checked for a urinary tract infection? that’s where I would start. if that comes up clean then I would talk to the vet about something you can do to help her with her sepraration anxiety.

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