Why is my dog suddenly afraid to go outside?

I have two dogs, a husky and a lab/german shepherd/golden retriever mix. The mix has always been a little skittish but now she’s taking it to a whole new level. We used to have a doggy door for them to run in and out of but we had to take it out. My husky (Kodi) was used to going to the door anyway and the mix (Sydney) took to it pretty quickly. They have no problem going outside even in the rain. 3 days ago it snowed here. Sydney was TERRIFIED of the snow and refused to go outside. She even went to the bathroom all over our floor (something she’s never done before). The snow has melted and it’s perfectly warm and comfortable outside now but she still refuses to go out. I literally have to drag her out and she just seems so miserable. She just lays in her kennel all day long and we can barely coax her out. I can’t think of anything that would have caused this other than the snow. What do I do?

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2 Responses to “Why is my dog suddenly afraid to go outside?”

  1. $$$$$ says:

    ours did that last year too ..he got over it.. eventually.. wait i guess … even dogs have a bit of melodrama and fear of GOD..

  2. Jay says:

    Was it her first time seeing snow? My Shih-Tzu was like that too. I had to pick him up and take him outside. It was something he never experienced. The snow melted and he was still a little scared. I had to sit in the snow that was still left under the trees to show him it was okay. He was still scared to come close to it. Then next snow he wasn’t as scared, he did his little business and flew into the house. So i think its just the fact of something new is in their world and its cold, wet, and all over the place. I think she’s gonna be okay, maybe you should stand beside her when she pee and poop to make her feel comfortable.

    Good Luck.

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