why is my dog so skidish and scared of people and everything else?

i have a border collie she is still a puppy i got her when she was 8 weeks old and she is litterally scared of everything if you even look at her she runs…..she wont come up to you if you say her name she runs to her kennel…..she wont even come to me for dog treats she runs if u do anything she freaks out if u try to put her on a leash i cant even get her to sit with me she spends more time in her kennel by her choice then anywhere else and i would like to be able to spend time with her and teach her tricks and just play but she wont play with anything with me help does anyone have any ideas
she lives with another dog his name is shiloh and is very outgoing and friendly and i didi meet the parents and they both were really friendly but i dont know who to call for a pet behavioralist any ideas

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3 Responses to “why is my dog so skidish and scared of people and everything else?”

  1. Future Akita Breeder says:

    I can think of three things that MIGHT be causing it; lack of proper socialization as a puppy, a medical condition, or poor breeding of the parents. You’d have to ask a vet or pet behaviorist for an accurate diagnosis, but a professional trainer or vet could probably help you.

  2. ladystang says:

    needs training and socialization
    start with puppy classes

  3. SifuGreg says:

    2 things can cause that kind of fear at that age:
    1. genetics – Did you meet the sire and dam?
    2. A negative experience was imprinted.

    Imprinting occurs in puppies between the ages of 4 and 14 (ish) weeks.f this is a stage in brain development where experiences become "imprinted" on the dogs psyche. In either case, you’ve got a project on your hands. You’ll need to find what motivates the dog (food? toy?) and begin the rewarding process for the slightest increase in development of "nerve strength". I would highly recommend you hook up with a good trainer that understands behavioral issues to assist you. Have them evaluate the dog for potential puppy class. You’d do well to find a dog she bonds with to "show her the ropes". If she’s not ready, that would be a huge mistake so let a professional tell you if that is correct. You want to do this right and there is a lot for you to learn. Find your trainer listed in the IACP database at http://www.canineprofessionals.com and don’t try to get behavior modification from the mega-pet store trainers.

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