Why is my dog running away and how do i stop him?

He is a neutered siberian husky and i take him on walks a few times every week,he has another dog to play with to so why is he?? Every time he runs away I get so scared that someone is going to find him and keep him or that he wil get hit by a car i got him a shock collar but it doesnt seem to faze him.

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    9 Responses to “Why is my dog running away and how do i stop him?”

    1. fbk says:

      How is he getting out?
      Once you figure that out, secure your fences and see if that works.

    2. Glenn says:

      I think the first question you should look into is how is he opening the front door and walking out of the house. IS your dog inside or just walking around in the back of the house off-leash? Do you have a fence? Gate? is it broken? Can you fix it? Any details? Those are things to consider before you look into some tech solution. Training helps as well. My dogs sit when I open my front door and don’t go outside unless called. It’s something I started training when they were puppies.

      Your dog is bored and wants out! Some dogs just need to roam. It’s in their nature.

    3. thing says:

      Siberian huskies need huge amounts of exercise and they’re naturally migratory dogs. They’re supposed to travel with their people and work all day.

      He needs a better fence and shouldn’t be allowed off-lead where there might be cars nearby- a clever dog like that’s probably just learned to run through the shock.
      Get a good big fence. Even a chickenwire-and-wood temporary fence, which you could easily put up yourself, would be a help until you can get something better. You could do it in an evening with a friend or two- I’m useless at that kind of stuff and so are my friends, but we did it. Remember to leave some wire at the bottom so that he can’t dig under, and you should get him a better fence when you’ve time. Don’t leave him outside unsupervised either.

      Could you teach him to run with you on a loose leash when you go cycling? He needs a lot of exercise, if he can run alongside a bike with you for an hour or two every day it could help a lot. A 40 minute walk or two every single day probably wouldn’t be enough for a dog like this.

      A bit of agility could be fun as well.

      He’s bored, and he needs more exercise. Not your fault- it’s just that breed needs a much higher amount of exercise and work than other breeds. You have to fix this though- lots of dogs are killed by cars, and he’ll be hit sooner or later if he keeps getting out.

    4. Sophia Webster says:

      i have seen this isn many occasions. keep him inside or to train him put him on a leash hold it loose and open your garage door when he tries to run yank the leash back and say shut (sounds like shush but with a t on the end ) for more help watch the dog whisperer or go on youtube and type in dog whisperer: firehouse mascot — at the 2 minute part you will hear homasay shusht

    5. Rotten Rotts Lets Restore Sanity in the DS says:

      A shock collar is only works if the one with the button has enough sense to use it.
      They are not a cure all, you still have to train the dog, leashes are amazing but even with that you have to learn how to properly train the dog

    6. Gertrude says:

      Just get a new dog, duhhhhh

    7. Bob Lindsay says:

      So, keep him on a leash, or in a fenced area. How hard is that? Just a matter of time before your dog causes an accident and injuries. You’ll be sued, and depending on where you live, and your laws, your dog can be confiscated by animal control and euthanized. No one wants to keep your poorly trained dog.

    8. Laurie says:

      Husky’s are working dogs, They need to be walked every day not just a couple of times a week.
      your dog is bored. If you cant get out and walk him at least an hour twice a day get him a treadmil.
      He needs to get that excess energy out.

    9. In the beginning God created evolution. says:

      He runs away because he is a husky. If you’d researched the breed you’d have been prepared for this and would know how to prevent it. 😉

      This is typical of most working breeds, though huskies are probably the most notorious for it. This breed was BRED SPECIFICALLY to run and run and run and run and run and run and run and I think you get the picture. A shock collar may not work on a husky, largely due to the coat being too thick on the neck for the prongs to even touch his skin. He probably doesn’t even get zapped. Return it and get your money back or sell it if you can. Keep him in a securely fenced area (research huskies and fencing, google is your friend) or keep him leashed when he’s outside. Never leave a husky alone unsupervised outside. They are called houdini dogs for a reason. 😉

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