Why is my dog is freaking out? She keeps trying to hide?

Ok, So yesterday she did it for a little while but she stopped. She acts like something is biting her butt/back/neck, so she’ll spin around real fast. She is on flea meds and i keep checking for fleas, and haven’t found any. She started freaking out again today and keeps hiding and running around with her tail between her legs.
I’m pretty sure it’s not a flea because she act’s like she is afraid of a certain part of a room, like she has seen a ghost, She is shaking like crazy and keeps running to her kennel in my bed room to hide. I keep bringing her out to sit with me but she kept running back, so i shut all the doors to the bedrooms and she just went and hid in the hallway closet.
So she really just wants to hide. I brought her kennel out out the front room with me and she is sitting in it now. She keeps staring at her couch under the big window that she usually sits at, she seems to be afraid of it now. She is falling asleep now tho… so hopefully she is ok now.

Is my dog crazy? or Sick? Or has anyone else had this happen to their dog? She is a chihuahua about 7 months old…

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    3 Responses to “Why is my dog is freaking out? She keeps trying to hide?”

    1. Cash says:

      Ok this might sound weird…but one of my dogs does this also. She only does this when she has something stuck to her bottom. Check her bottom…something may still be on her "bum" from going potty. They try to run away from anything unusual that is on them.

      Hope this helps.

    2. heygirlhey<33 says:

      well shes still young but if it coninues i would see a vet

    3. gentlegiants says:

      This is pretty strange behavior. She may be having a reaction to the flea treatments. Some dogs are more sensitive to toxins than others. If she’s no better by tomorrow, I think a call to the vet is in order. They will tell you if they think the dog should be brought in.

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