Why is my dog afraid of her kennel?

So we have been putting our dog in a kennel at night for the past year and a half and she has never had a problem going in and staying in all night. But just recently when we try and put her in there she is very reluctant and trys to pull back and it’s very hard to get her in there. If and when we do get her in it she whines and scratches at the door trying to get out. I don’t know whats causing her to behave like this. We have wiped/ cleaned out the whole kennel, there is soft/ well cushined padding in there, there is nothing on top of the kennel, her favorite toy is always in there with her (she for some reason can’t sleep without it), its out in the open (not next to a wall) and its in my parents room so she shouldn’t be lonely, especially since I cuddle with her for like an hour every night prior to putting her in there. I don’t get it, she used to jump off the bed and go right into the kennel without any of us having to put her in there and now she won’t go near it. I don’t know what to do about this. Also I forgot to mention that the kennel isn’t too small either, it’s a small kennel like this:
But she is a small dog, a westie to be exact so that shouldn’t be the problem.

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    7 Responses to “Why is my dog afraid of her kennel?”

    1. Myra says:

      Maybe she is just fed up with being jailed.

    2. Ashley says:

      If there has ever been any negativity in placing your dog in her kennel, even the slightest hint or sign of frustration on you or your family’s part, it could have influenced her to believe that her kennel is a bad place. Have you tried encouraging her with her favorite treat whenever she seems reluctant? It is possible that she is just tired of going into the kennel, and would prefer staying out at night. I would recommend, also, getting a different style of kennel. Pet carriers are fine in cars, but she can’t really see outside of through tiny little holes, and if there are sounds all around her that she can’t see. My family prefers using wire kennels like this: http://www.petsmart.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2753727&lmdn=Dog to keep our dogs in. It feels a lot less of a confined space, and even small dogs need a little room to roam. Just because they can lay down in the kennel doesn’t mean that it’s the proper size. If your dog can’t turn around or stand sideways in the crate, it isn’t big enough.

      I hope I’ve helped a little bit 🙂 I’m not an expert, but I’ve lived with dogs my entire life, and I’ve picked up quite a few tricks relating to crates.

    3. RoseBud says:

      Maybe she just realized she was being caged every night. If she’s almost 2 years old there isn’t any reason you need to cage her every night. She should be ok to sleep in the house on a bed like a normal dog.

    4. Ree says:

      did you try putting a treat in your dogs kennel

    5. bluebonnetgranny says:

      Get her an exercise pen to stay in, instead of the crate. The pen is large enough to have her kennel in there, along with food & water dishes & enough room to lay out layers of newspaper for easy clean up. Throw in lots & lots of toys & especially things she can chew on. A blanket that is just hers. It doesn’t have to be a big blanket but she would like her own blanket. Stuffed toys she can cuddle with.

      Here are some sites for exercise pens. Large variety & many different sizes & some that you can expand.


    6. Luis Manzanares says:

      Maybe because she heard something and she scared.
      (Dog have so u might of not heard is or ur parents)

    7. amy says:

      Possible one of 3 things. One, she has gotten spoiled napping or laying around in other areas of the house which may be one of her "new comfort Zones". Or #2, as a Dog Groomer, some dogs do not have an issue going into a kennel at home, but at a Grooming Salon, kennels are used to dry the dogs in and she may be associating her kennel at home to that. At her Groomer’s she may not like being dried that way so she is now associating her kennel at home with that of her Groomer’s. Are there any children in the home that could be teasing her while she is in her kennel? . Also, next few times she goes to the Groomer, insist that she not be kennel dried, you would like her hand dried, and see if that makes a difference at home.#3 has she been scolded recently and sent to her kennel? She may be associating her kennel with "time out" instead of her comfort area. hope this helps

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