Why is my 9 year old sheltie coughing all the time?

He started coughing the other day and at first he was coughing up a foamy white substance. Now he is just coughing and his breathing is a little raspy. but when he coughs it sounds like when some one has bronchitis. He is an indoor dog and has not been to a kennel or been boarded lately. at times when he barks it sounds raspy. He is eating and drinking fine. he just sounds like his breathing is distressed at times.

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    6 Responses to “Why is my 9 year old sheltie coughing all the time?”

    1. Aussies are my ♥ Dogs says:

      Could be any number of things, from simple kennel cough to congestive heart failure. He needs to get to a vet, especially at his age.

    2. Julie D. says:

      The Vet will let you know when you take him. The first two things that come to mind are Heartworms and Congestive Heart Failure.

    3. Camille says:

      If your dog has been around other dogs, the cause of this coughing could be Kennel Cough. It should go away in the next 2-3 weeks, if not contact a vet.:)

    4. ~Launi~My oh my~So good looking~ says:

      Severe coughing is a SYMPTOM of many illnesses/diseases. Fluid in the lungs is just ONE.

      Vet NOW.

    5. ladystang says:

      vet time

    6. cutupangels30 says:

      Id go to the vet.
      My dog, who was also a sheltie, started having bad breathing problems.
      Eventually we found out she had cancer and we had to put her down.

      PLEASE, get your dog checked!

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