why is it that when I call my dog to come, she will bark at me and when I go towards her she runs?

I am totally blind, so if she stands still and barks, I try to reach her and she just runs again. I need some suggestions!
if someone else is holding her leash, and I call her she comes, and sometimes, she will chase her tail so i have the person give her a correction for it and I call her again and she comes. I should try maybe having a plastic bag in my hand and see what happens.
I have her on a leash now and she will be for a few days to see if that helps

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20 Responses to “why is it that when I call my dog to come, she will bark at me and when I go towards her she runs?”

  1. 360 = MTC! says:

    haha. sounds like she wants 2 play chase! or, she doesnt even know her own name. she barks, then she runs. haha. yea. she doesnt know her name and when u say it she thinks its play time.
    get her 2 know her name.

  2. momonster says:

    She thinks "come" means it is time to play catch me catch me. By reaching for her you are accommodating her.

  3. bustylaroo99 says:

    My dogs do that sometimes. They think its a game. They love it, unfortunately.

  4. Doglvr says:

    Sounds like you haven’t properly trained the "come" command.

    Start from the beginning. Have your treats ready and call your dog to you. The first time, you may have to show the dog the treat and lure her over. Repeat this a few times using the treat as a lure.

    When successful, hide the treat behind your back and call her to you. Repeat several times. Eventually, phase out the treat for praise.

    Never use your dog’s name or the "come" command to call her to you for something negative. That will help ensure that she comes when called everytime.

    If she stands still and barks, call her to you again. You should not go to her, she should come to you. Otherwise, she will turn it into a game as she has been doing.

  5. dogman054 says:

    Try a retractable leash and some treats and lots of praise. And if your blind I’m sure there is a good trainer in your area that would volunteer some time to help you and your dog.GOOD LUCK

  6. Chit P says:

    Okay. Your dog is telling you she’s in charge. While you’re there calling her, she barks at you telling YOU to come to her. So you come to her, and she figures that you are submissive to her and you are going to follow her.

    You need to re-establish yourself as the leader. (btw, if this is a seeing eye dog, you may want to trade her in…i know that’s mean, but you need a dog who will listen to you while working).

    This is usually meant for small dogs, but i think this could work for you. Re-teach your dog come. Get either a flexi-lead(the only time you should ever use this tool) or a long leash. and put your dog on one side of the room, and you on the other. Say "Rovet, Come" and pull her torwards you…and emphatically praise her. I prefer click-n-treat…so you can remain calm and assertive. Practice this as long as it takes.

    Have an in house leash that you can tie to your belt and have your pooch follow you around the house. For a few weeks, don’t let her go wherever she wants. and hold off on affection. make her work for it. By the way, Come is a very particular command. Only use this command for positive things. Never call her too you to clip her nails or to repremand her. Go and collect her for things she doesn’t like. and Dogs won’t remember what you’re repremanding them for

    BTW the clicker is an amazing way to train a dog, because dogs have very short memories.

  7. milkshake0323 says:

    Well as many of the other people have said the dog thinks its a game. My dog does it all the time! I just run the other way if Im outside or I talk playfully with her and she’ll come to me eventually anyway. If you show that your upset or that you dont want to play her "game" she will run even more, thinking its more fun than it started out to be…trust me! Otherwise you could always keep your dog on a leash, but eventually she will learn. Its all a game…so if you can beat them, join them!

  8. TC_43 says:

    when you call her she may think that means play time.. and that’s why she’s doing what she’s doing. my dogs do that.. but when they run away from me it’s to get their toys so they can play fetch.

  9. LESLEY P says:

    She’s playing tag. There’s an obedience trainer in BC who address’ this on his site. I’ll try and find it and get back to you

    As long as you go after her, she’ll keep playing. You need to retrain this behavior out of her.

    Hi I’m back. Try this site: http://www.stanleycoren.com/

    I’m sorta curious about your statement on blindness and posting this question as well. But there are accessiblility tools now that allow blind persons to use computers. I’m hoping that’s the case here.

  10. Lori R says:

    As you are totally blind, you might need some help in properly training your girl. When you call her, she shouldn’t simply bark as if you are playing a game, she should obey and come over to you.

    What you need to do is look into finding a qualified trainer.

    Good luck.

  11. Shay says:

    She is playing with you. Try running away from her and she will run after you.
    You can use a leash hooked up to her collar and reward her with treats when she comes. This will take time and patience

  12. woodlands127 says:

    She’s playing with you, she doesn’t realize you can’t see her. She needs to be trained, and there may be some groups out there that can help you with that for a nominal fee.

  13. amee2you says:

    Thats her way of playing with you. If she’s a seeing eye dog then you need to trade her in for one that works because seeing eye dogs are trained specifically for someone like you

  14. ahuga says:

    Maybe your dog is scared of you.. have you hit her/him? Or maybe if you got the dog from the pound usually they are very nervous.. it takes time to adapt. Just be nice.. The dog will get use to you and en up loving you.. Dogs are a man’s best friend!!

  15. chrsban says:

    she does it because it is a game to her and she wants you to chase her…. When she does it tell her no…….and call her again when she finally comes to you praise her and give her a treat…..

  16. kyleonthewebatt says:

    The dog thinks it is a game, to run from you while you chase her. Surprisingly, the thing that often works to get your dog to come back is to run the other way while making a lot of noise. This gets the dog interested in chasing you instead, and sometimes gets them to come to you. Of course if you are blind, you wouldn’t want to run unless you know the area is safe, but that has worked for me with my dog.


  17. crazybethey says:

    You could carry dog treats with you?
    or keep her on a leash until she learns not to run away

  18. sweetgurl3491 says:

    try holding out a treat for your dog..it might be she’s a little afraid to trust u .

  19. Spud55 says:

    It means Timmy’s in the well.

  20. ricardo v says:

    Unforutnely for you she/he thinks you want to play, its that simple. When you call she barks to let you know "here I am", when you reach for her she wants for you to play and chase her, thats what it is for most all dogs !

    You need to train her to come with special commands, usually a dog does better when they are called by a wistle,clap or even a clicker. Takes a bit of time but not much and treats go better for learning, she has no reason to obey you but the treats (whatever it might be) is the key ! Never call her but use the key ~~low wistle or clap/clicker and then a treat, eventually she will come just on the command. This works on most all animals that depend on you for their food and water.

    Short story, but while in the 70’s, I was stationed at Walter Reed Medical Center, Washington,DC. I had a horse at Cloverly,MD and was my toy mostly, eladerly when I got him but I just wanted a horse to brush and spend time with, occassionally I rode him. He was being kept on 30 acreas with a small watered stream in it (hahahha) he didn’t need me, plenty of grass and water. Finally after many a walk to go get him,I notice that he followed me better back to the barn area if I took oats with me in a bucket, one day he was way down the hill so i banged the bucket , got his attention and he came like a wild horse, he wanted those oats with malasise burley. It got to the point where i would go to the first hill and banged the bucket and not a long time he was there and walked back with me cause he knew the oats where coming. Several times I just stood on the fence line and took a metal stick and banged the bucket, he was close enough to hear it and came, those oats were the trick.

    Try that on your dog, she is playing with you, its her nature. Get her to respond to you with a treat till she is used to coming to you without treat but near forget that a hug and kisses never fail. Dogs can be conditioned with a clicker for in house use, two clicks for come and one click for sit, don’t over click but those are simple. She loves you and wants to please you, give her the chance to learn this from you.

    When in Georgia, I had eight cats(full grown) when I wanted to see where they were i would press the electric can opener and they came out like lions for a feast. It works, truely does !

    Hope this helps, I love my pets,,,, dogs and cats, I have a Great Dane ~125 lbs of dog, his old and graying but he comes with two clicks and always sits with one click, I don’t always give him treats now, but his well fed and comes cause he knows to come with two clicks, always a hug and even more hugs a plenty !

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