why dog runs circles around me?

my border collie is just over 9 months old and its a male, but he always runs circles everytime im sitting down on the couch. why does he do this???its really annoying!!

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    6 Responses to “why dog runs circles around me?”

    1. Christopher S says:

      Collies "herd" everything. That’s what they do.

    2. ladystang says:

      he wants attention and exercise

    3. ČĤĨĞĨŔĹ ~Luv my Pups~ says:

      He wants you to get up & do something….he’s an active dog not suited for a couch potato.

    4. Maxi says:

      He has a stong herding instinct which should have been worked on by now with training………NILIF, lots of exercise and put him out of the room, or on a lead to stop this behaviour………………with all unwanted behaviours in a dog you need to change your behaviour and put the work in to stop or redirect it http://k9aro.webs.com/nilif.htm

    5. mike47321 says:

      He’s a Border Collie(they’re herders…running in circles is in their blood)…

      Learn to love it lol

    6. Dogcatcher says:

      Why? Because we chose the BC to keep animals in a group and run around any strays and bring them back to the group.

      What is more important is what you do when he does this. Because whatever you are doing, he finds satisfying or he would stop. Maybe he knows it annoys you and sometimes you put him outside (score!) or get up (score) or talk to him (score) or throw something (score).

      It’s likely that if he had more training time he would stop, too. That’s one of the main complaints about BCs. How much training they want. So hide food around the room (or tennis balls, or stuffies-whatever he likes) before you sit down so he can find those. If you encourage him to pile them up for you, all the better because you can train him to pick up all your clothes for you. Score one for you.

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