Why does my dog run away when my mom sneezes?

My dog always runs away when my mom sneezes..it could be anyone else in the family and she’s fine, but when my mom sneezes she runs away. Her sneeze is not like "ACHHOOOO" its just a simple, quiet "achoo". Any explanation for this?
when i sneeze (which i sneeze pretty loud) she doesnt run away shes fine

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5 Responses to “Why does my dog run away when my mom sneezes?”

  1. Christopher says:

    Maybe when the sneeze is loud and obvious the dog understands what is happening, but when your mom sneezes quietly it throws her off and she’s like ‘Whats that?!?!?’ She might think it’s another animal. Chances are she’ll learn the sound and get over it,

  2. SenoritaCullen says:

    Is she sneezing acid? Your dog could be frightened of getting burned.

  3. ♥Loves her Sealyham♥ says:

    It probably just startles her. My dog freaks when there’s a loud noise, too.

  4. Ms. Lee says:

    Because it startles her.

  5. Tofu says:

    Maybe her achoo is higher pitched or a different tone that triggers her flight state of mind. Also watch the difference in your mom’s body posture. Your dog sees and feels how your mom moves her body, does she bend over, wave her hands, pull out a tissue quickly. An easy way to counter condition this is to have your mom pretend to sneeze and give her a treat. Then move on to her actually sneezing and treating, when she gets pass the first stage. After that, she should be desensitized to that particular noise. Have a leash handy too if she’s too quick for you.

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