Why does my cat pee on the rug?

She recently started peeing on one spot on the rug under the kitchen table. She only goes alittle bit but I don’t know why she is doing this. We have no other pets, she has a clean litter box, and I know it’s not a bladder problem because it’s always the same spot. Got any ideas?

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5 Responses to “Why does my cat pee on the rug?”

  1. Whortleberry says:

    Take a look at DearTabbyTheAnswerCat.com. They have an excellent article on "Litter Box Problems." It tells the many reasons for such problems, and how to solve them. Helpful!

  2. Shelly Schurr says:

    sounds like shes marking her territory. or has there been any changes lately to the environment? as well clean the carpet with diluted white vinegar it tends to keep the cats from coming back

  3. sdcongo says:

    shes marking her territory

  4. Sharon N says:

    she may be marking it as her spot. i have a female and male cat and the male cat isn’t fixed so he marks his territory whenever he smells another cat in heat in the neighborhood, but my guess would be that it is marking an area it deems as belonging to it

  5. BunnuvaSitch says:

    Clean the area with an enzyme-based cleaner like Nature’s Miracle. It’s quite likely she’s continuing to urinate there because she can still smell the urine.

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