why does my 8 month old pit Bull insist on sleeping on me ?

i have an absolutely beautiful 8 month old pit bull puppy who follows me around like she is my shadow i don’t have a problem with that she is very well mannered and listens better than any other dog i have ever owned however at night she does sleep in her kennel but i always wake up in the morning to her sleeping on top of my legs and i cant move lol ….why does she do this to me she has her own bed with nice big comfy pillows and blankets and she never does it to my husband how do i take back my bed ?

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8 Responses to “why does my 8 month old pit Bull insist on sleeping on me ?”

  1. β˜† Memphis Belle β˜† says:

    Your dog has trained you to allow her on the bed as & when she wants to get up – now shouldn’t it be the other way around?

    It’s your job to say what behavior is allowed & when it can be exhibited, & if the dog doesn’t toe the line, you correct its behavior, so it’s very clear in its head that compliance is demanded from the dog, & is never given at its discretion.

    If by kennel you mean a crate, then shut the door & you will have a comfortable night. The dog has learned your husband will not tolerate unacceptable behavior, & what she needs to learn is that you won’t either.

  2. Mike says:

    The dog is just showing that she loves you, and might have seperation anxiety. put her bed in your room. youll take back your bed and the dog will be with you.

  3. Jojo says:

    You could try shutting your bedroom door !

  4. jacquiesue says:

    She loves you!

  5. Sarah says:

    Pit bulls often get super-attached to one person, she probably just wants to be near you at night. If it doesn’t wake you up when she moves on to your bed, I don’t think you can train her out of it. The only thing you can do is latch her kennel at bedtime or move her to another room. Or you can just learn to live with it.

  6. Puppy Paws says:

    Kennel as in her crate- how does she get out?

    Just lock her in her crate over night, and let her out in the morning?

    It’s that simple.

  7. ladystang says:

    showing she owns you

  8. cryssyt says:

    Hehe cute pit bull!! πŸ˜€ my dog loves sleeping on my stomach and other soft things lol. She probably just wants to stay with you. If you don’t want her to sleep on your bed, you can either put her in her kennel near your bed and lock it, or, if you’re a light sleeper, every time she jumps on the bed, put her in her kennel. EVERY.TIME. And praise her when she settles into her kennel. If you do it consistently, she’ll eventually learn that she’ll be praised for sleeping in her kennel. Keep the kennel close to your bed so she won’t feel too far away from you. Remember to praise her!!

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