Why are my dogs continuously fighting?

I live in rural area and my mom of recent has been starting to breed dogs, great pyrenees to be exact. We have had to put them in somewhat of a cage because they have been attacking the neighbors chickens, and will need to stay in there until the property is properly fenced. when I feed them at night I take them into the barn to shut them in there since my mom is a very light sleeper and apparently they bark all night when not locked in there.

For some reason whenever I take them out and I am getting ready to put them in the barn two dogs will start to fight. It is usually instigated by the same one every time. The same thing happens in the morning when I am getting ready to take them for their walk and put them back into their kennel. We have three fully grown dogs (and two puppies left which we haven’t sold). It is only the three dogs that are the problem though.

At the beginning our older dog and one of them would get in a fight. At first I would try to stop it, but seeing as these dogs are fully grown, and one is almost too big to be considered part of the breed, this is next to impossible without two people. I stopped out of fear of hurting myself and figured they may just stop and are doing it to see who is the boss. The older dog is 12 years old and for a pyrenees that is really old. Seeing as they kept trying to hurt her, we no longer put her in the kennel and kept her inside for the most part and have had no problems with her.

Ever since than whenever the dogs even see our older dog they will both viciously attack her so I now lock the older one up whenever I am going to let the other dogs out because whenever they are out they will look for her. The two of them will try and find where she is and start to attack.

That all aside my main question is if anyone knows why these dogs keep trying to fight. It is only the two of them now since the other one is inside, but why do they keep trying to fight each other? I can’t stop them,I have tried again to stop them, but usually all that happens is one accidently bites me or scratches me.
The bigger one recently has been the one trying to start fights, and sometimes you can tell that they are bleeding a little because their white coat is dirty.
I fear that one of the dogs will get severally hurt soon, so I am asking for your help.

I don’t know if this will help, but I find that they fight less often if after I put them in, and I than leave right away. I did this once to see what would happen and when one had jumped on the other not doing anything but wanting to fight, I left right away to listen and hear what would happen, and most the time they don’t fight. Before I would yell their names and try to get them to stop which resulted in immediate fights.

Also don’t know if this matters but they are both girls.

Any help at all on what I can do, would be great.

Sorry if this is hard to understand, and for the length.
I live in France and my english is not always the best as a result.
Did you buy the dogs as pups and raise them and just recently start having problems?
We bought the two youngest as pups and raised them from that.

Are your dogs registered, pure – breed pyrs?
Yes they all are.

Do you have a mentor to help you learn how to be breeders?
my mom insist she knows enough since we have owned two other dogs before the breeding, which obviously isn’t true.

Are you male or female?
I am a male and 17.

How old is your mother?
My mother is 45

If your mother got the dogs to breed them, why doesn’t she help you put them up at night?
It has become somewhat of my chore. I am getting more help doing this though from my brother. The only thing is he gets back at 6 from school and by than it is dark here with winter.

They ARE all Female.

The two that are fighting are the age of 1 and a half, and the other is 2.

They for the most part they always fought the older one that we owned, but at the time were young and didn’t do much.
I got questions to the fencing and such.

In my opinion, my mom rushed into doing this kind of business. She has way to much to handle and still wants more. I used to live with my Dad and when I saw what she was doing I moved in with her to help with the farm. We cannot put up fencing around the whole property yet because of money issues. Like I said she rushed into this. I told her fencing should be first, instead she buys more animals (sheep on top of that) So as much as I would like to fence the property, it is not an option right now.
We have a decent open space they can go into and would be able to fence easily, but again, my mom goes and wants more and wishes to use the area as a tourist camping ground. So maybe I need reasons to tell my mom so I can convince her to let me put the fence up and have them in their where they can run more.

I hope I gave enough information. Thank you Nedra N for the links and such, I have read them and it is very helpful, I will start working on it.

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    7 Responses to “Why are my dogs continuously fighting?”

    1. bluebonnetgranny says:

      You need to obedience train them & you gain control over the fighting. If separation is necessary then separate them. You can’t have dogs that are all scared up in a show ring. & they must know their obedience if you want them to win their championships.

      Training is the key & 100% obedience trained with you being Alpha at all times. You have strong willed dogs so you have to have a stronger will than theirs.

    2. Kayla K says:

      it sounds like your younger dog is trying to establish dominance over your older dog. I’m guessing they are both not spayed, and since the 12yr old is getting older, the younger one is trying to ‘defeat’ her and take her place. As long as they don’t break the skin, just let them get it over with, or els you will be dealing with this as long as they live, or until one of them kills the other.
      Put them together (with leashes and choke chain collars on, so that they cant slip out and you have better control) and have another person hold one. If they start to get very aggressive, and are breaking the skin, and one doesn’t ‘submit’ to the other (lay down, or tail between legs and a ‘low’ stance. Then separate them, and possibly seek the help of a professional dog handler, that has had this kind of experince.
      And PS! VERY IMPORTANT!! take them on seperate RUNS for a long time, until they are VERY tired and really want to lie down. (BE very easy on the older one, and only ask her to do what you know she can handle physically).
      Then introduce them to each other, if it doesn’t work the first time, keep exercising them seperate, and continue to do so for about a week. then introduce them again, and follow the same guidelines that I said earlier.
      If this does not work, you can either keep trying the exercise, or consult a professional!
      Good luck!

    3. Reece says:

      Keep them separate at all times and that breed of dog will always bark at night.They are a guardian dog and that’s what they do so to scare away the predators. Maybe sell them and get a different breed, this breed needs a lot of space.

    4. adam47310 says:

      hate each other

    5. steffigiraffe says:

      It does make a difference that they are both girls. How old is the younger dog? I guess they aren’t spayed?

    6. AUSSIEMOM says:

      sounds like untrained, un exercised , dogs,,

      sounds like a puppy mill

      ***** reputable breeders have a waiting list for pups before the breeding even takes place….. usually you don’t breed then try to sell the pups……. BYB

    7. Nedra E says:

      You left out information that would have helped. You need to deal with this problem in a yahoo pyr group as it can’t be solved by just a single answer here at YA!

      You didn’t give the weight and age of the two females. And you didn’t clarify if all three adult pyrs are females. It sounds like you have three intact, adult female pyrs, and two puppies. It also sounds like you didn’t learn about the breed before getting them, since you don’t seem to understand that two same-sex dogs will fight to determine which dog is the alpha dog in the pack.

      If you live in a rural, you should have had a fenced area before you got the dogs, or soon afterwards. Do you have any livestock for the dogs to guard? Great Pyrenees are LGD’s (livestock guardian dogs) and they need to have a job to do, either guarding livestock or guarding family. If they don’t have a job to do, they will be unhappy and an unhappy dog doesn’t produce good puppies. Pyrs, as guardians are supposed to bark. This is how they do their job. They bark to scare off predators and intruders. That is their JOB. That is what they were bred to do. Your mother should have learned this before getting some pyrs.

      Did you buy the dogs as pups and raise them and just recently start having problems?

      Did you buy the dogs as adults and just bring them home to breed?

      Are your dogs registered, pure – breed pyrs?

      Do you have a mentor to help you learn how to be breeders?

      Are you male or female? This makes a difference in how the dogs respond to you.

      Your description sounds like a bunch of female dogs who are trying to establish which one is the alpha dog. It also sounds like YOU are NOT pack leader.

      You are right to separate the 12 year old female as she IS quite old for a pyr, and you need to protect her from the two younger females.

      Until you understand why they are fighting, you should not breed them, as they will produce pups that they will train to be poor tempered dogs. They may be fighting for alpha position, or because one is rude and doesn’t respect the pack position of the other dog, or they might be fighting because they are in heat and want to be the first dog bred. There are numerous reasons they might be fighting. You also didn’t say if they’ve fought the entire time you’ve owned them.

      You should talk to an animal behaviorist. This is NOT the typical behavior of a pyr.

      I’ll post some links below that can help you learn more about pyrs and about dogs in general. You should join a pyr group as the questions in your paragraphs can’t be all answered at once in a single answer. Also, you left important information out, so we have questions to ask before we can help you much. Join the pyr group. Visit the websites and read and learn.

      How old are you?
      How old is your mother?
      If your mother got the dogs to breed them, why doesn’t she help you put them up at night?
      So many questions… -!-

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