Where to put dog while I'm at work?

I’m gonna get a westie, but I was wondering where’s the best place to put him while I’m at work. Should I buy a kennel or get one of those indoor plastic fence play pens for it? For those that work, what do you guys do?

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    6 Responses to “Where to put dog while I'm at work?”

    1. ladystang says:

      depends on how you train them and what works for you.

    2. chickachan says:

      I use a kennel. Its very helpful and if you get one the right size your dog shouldn’t potty or poop in it so you will have nothing to clean up when you get home. Dogs don’t like to go to the bathroom where they sleep.

    3. Amanda says:

      A kennel. Make sure to leave him some toys so he does not get bored!

    4. darryl7575 says:

      This is a question that people will completely freak out on you for. Some get really annoyed about the idea of putting your pet in a kennel during the day while working. I posted this very same question a long time ago and got some down right hateful responses.

      We have a Cocker and kept her in a kennel while we were working for a year or so. She did very well. Just make sure that it is the proper size. Most manufacturer’s web sites will answer that question for you. We also invested in a nice comfortable pad for her to lay on. We eventually started to leave her to run the house while we are gone, but she started tearing stuff up and has since been back to the kennel. She does great. Goes right in when she sees us getting our coats on to leave.

    5. Lorraine says:

      If you are considering an older dog from a rescue then he will probably be fine in just an enclosed room such as a kitchen.

      If you mean a puppy then that shouldn’t be left all day anyway. If leaving for just a few hours then a crate is the best option.

    6. KayGeeTX says:

      I put a baby gate on the entrance to our kitchen for our new puppy. That way she has a lot of room to play and clean up for accidents is easier because the floor is tiled.

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