Where have these fleas come from?

3 days ago I started to get bitten. I assumed because its been quite muggy at night and I’ve had the windows open, that something had flown in. But my husband has just noticed tiny black fleas hopping around. We have a hamster who has been with us nearly 2 years, but no other pets. Suspiciously the bites have only occurred since a new rug we bought was put down in the living room. Where have these fleas come from, how can I get rid of them, and why are they only biting me, not my husband and 2 year old son?

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    3 Responses to “Where have these fleas come from?”

    1. Gypsydayne says:

      It’s definitely the rug. You need to 1) Treat the rug or get rid of it 2) Treat your entire home for fleas. Apparently the eggs were in the rug & you’ve become "flea parents". Not sure why they’re only biting you, but I’m glad they’re not biting your son.

    2. ? says:

      where did you get your rug??
      if your rug was just layed in the grass for a second fleas could have jumped onto it.
      I have no idea why they would just bite you and no one else.
      throw out the rug , vacuum and wash everything in hot water and soap and apply flea powder to areas where you saw fleas.

    3. pleasant valley says:

      if you feel they came in with the rug,I’d go to the hardware store or possibly your grocery store and get can of bug or room fogger. This fogger will for sure kill them. you must however cover foods and leave the house a few hrs. while it’s working. read directions.Also put your hamster in basement or somewhere as to not hurt him. hope this helps you. worked for me.

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