where can i find a responsible bichon/yorkie breeder ?

i think i may have found one but im not sure if they are 100% great.

BICHON POO – www.DCDOGFINDERS.COM Super Cute & Sweet little Bichon Poo Puppies 1st Generation ONLY Both Parents AKC/ACA Reg with CERF and BAER tested. We emphasize on sound health and temperment of all of our puppies! All of our pups are handraised in loving home with pets and children NEVER caged Puppies enjoy lots of playtime inside and out and have the BEST Vet care money can buy! Puppies available to loving & caring homes ONLY No Pet Shop, Broker or Kennel calls PLEASE 5yr Health Guarantee/Lifetime Return Policy for Appt. Call Lauren or Brad at ### 0.00 Special this month ONLY WWW.DCDOGFINDERS.COM

^^^ add in the washingtonpost.

the official website is www.dcdogfinders.com
should i consider or should i not waste my time with them?
are there any places where you know where i should get the dog in va/dc? i know i need to ask questions and set apt
but is it even worth my time to see them judging from the site. thanks for your help. and remember im taking any request on RESPONSIBLE breeders in the dc/va area. no puppy mills,kennels, or brokers. and please dont say petfinder because i try there a lot and dont find anything

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    7 Responses to “where can i find a responsible bichon/yorkie breeder ?”

    1. bactowork says:

      Are you NUTZ????

      NOBODY that makes MUTT/MONGRELS is "responsible"!!!
      ONLY *CROOKS* make MUTTS to peddle to MORONS!!!

      NEVER *PAY* anybody a plugged nickel for ANY sort of useless disgusting FUGLY MUTT!!!

    2. sniffydogs says:

      No reputable breeder, breeds mutts.


    3. Fae Goddess says:

      just so you know a bichon poo is NOT a bischon/Yorkie it is a bichon/poodle(note the "poo")
      this person "might " be responsible but bottom line they are still mutts & unless they some w a COMPLETE health guarantee that they have been completely health checked & vacinated ( provided WITH verification that you youself can verify through the vet that signed the papers) that price is WAY too much to pay for a mixed breed…IF they come with ALL their vacines & health checks then MAYBE that price is not too bad as all the initial vet checks do cost money along with the proper care & birthing of the pups….honestly though Id check your local shleters & changces are VERY good you will find the perfect little doggie in desperate need of your love & shelter! I found my pure bred pug in my local shelter & after her spay costs I only paid about $30 bucks for her WAY cheaper than I would or could EVER find a pug EVER!!! millions of pups die every day in shelters world wide you could be saving a life in need & possibly finding the best friends you ever had! best of luck♥

    4. new; glamourl0ve says:

      A MUTT cannot be AKC Registered. So therefore that person is NOT responsible.

      Go to http://www.petfinder.com and rescue one of the HUNDREDS of Bichon/Yorkie’s there.

      "Special this month" .. Are you kidding me? RESPONSIBLE breeders DONT have "Specials" .. shes just trying to get rid of her dogs.

      No responsible breeders will mix two purebreds together. Your best bet is to go to a shelter and adopt that mix.

    5. Nandina says:

      If they’re breeding mixed breeds, then they are not responsible breeders, by definition.

      Check out http://www.petfinder.com and click "Shelter and Rescue Groups" – there are lots of Yorkie mixes out there that need homes. Save a life – adopt from Rescue! Don’t encourage irresponsible breeders with financial rewards.

    6. Meaghan Edwards says:

      Here is some very important information about designer "breeds"


      If you cannot find what you are looking for, run a search on "Yorkshire Terrier rescue" or "Bichon rescue" or "small dog rescue" and you will more than likely going to find what you are looking for. No breeder who is a member of the Yorkshire Terrier Club of America or Bichon Frise Club of America, Inc. will ever mix breed dogs. They also have no "special of the month" nor do they advertise on such sites like dcdogfinders or the Washington Post. Dogs that they breed are of upstanding quality and have been screened for hereditary problems.

      If there are none in your area, you may be able to arrange transportation.


    7. Kristen K says:

      Most of the places that sell the "designer" breeds are glorified puppy mills, working only for their own bottom line, not for the health and happiness of the pups. For $100, how could you even pay for the expenses in raising a pup for 8 weeks along with vet bills and everything?? You can’t.

      The best resource for pure bred puppies is your local AKC affiliate club for the breed you are looking for. You may pay more up front but less in the long run with vet expenses. I have provided you with links for the national breed clubs. Both have breeder referral and there even is a Yorkie club in DC but they don’t have a website.

      Good luck with finding your new bundle and I applaud you on wanting to do it the right way and not add the the byb and puppy mills out there.

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