Whats the best outdoor dog kennel?

I have a 5lb yorkie and and a 60lb beagle mix and I need to buy an affordable outdoor kennel for them. I have looked at Petsafe and Behlen Country but I dont know which one I should choose. I would like to purchase a 10×10 so I can leave them out their while I am at work and I dont have to worry about them. Since my Yorkie is so small I need a kennel that will be sturdy enough at the bottom that he won’t beable to squeeze out. Thanks for the help:) If you have a preference let me know where you can order them from.
They are inside whenever I am home.. and I take them outside to play whenever I am home but they tear up the house whenever I am not home and they are left inside.

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3 Responses to “Whats the best outdoor dog kennel?”

  1. Little miss mummy says:

    If you buy a dog run they usually have an open space and then a sleeping area for then. Choose one that is flat on the ground so the dog can’t get out also if you are placing it on the grass then burry it in a little so they dogs won’t dig under.
    They can be order from many stores I use http://www.petsathome.com for a lot of things and also you can buy custom ones from many different manufacturers which will build them to your needs

  2. Julissa - Says No to Cropping! says:

    Why do you need an outdoor kennel for them? They can’t live inside? You can’t be bothered to exercise them? Dogs should live inside and be exercised daily.

  3. ESKK says:

    When looking for a kennel this is what you need to look for…
    1)Well built and sturdy kennel.
    2)Good insulation.
    3)Enough room for your dog to be comfortable.

    However Id don’t suggest leaving a dog outdoors 20/47 especially not a small dog like a yorkie.

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