What to do with the dogs when I'm in the hospital?

We adopted 2 wonderful dogs several months ago and in about 8 weeks we will be having a baby. We aren’t worried about how the dogs will react, they are both great with kids and don’t even go in the baby’s room. The problem we are facing is what to do with the dogs when I go into Labor and we have to go to the hospital for 24-48 hours. The dogs don’t really do well being alone for more then an hour or two. All of the people we would trust to watch our dogs will either be busy or at the hospital with us. I don’t want to put them in a kennel because one of the dogs really doesn’t do well with being caged. So I really don’t know what to do with them and we cant just leave them here alone. I wanted to ask the woman from the adoption agency who kept the dogs before we adopted them, she is one of the foster homes for the agency but my husband thinks it would be inappropriate to ask her to watch them, even if we offered to pay. This is the first time we’ve been in this situation before, are there any other options that I am missing?
Do all Kennels keep them in cages?
The hospital is hours away so they can’t just run back here. I’ve already asked my mother to stay but she doesn’t want to miss the birth of her grandson.

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    11 Responses to “What to do with the dogs when I'm in the hospital?”

    1. bells3011 says:

      There are doggy daycare services, kind of like kennels, but for some extra money they will walk dogs and let them play with other dogs.

      Some will also bathe and pamper your doggies while you are away 🙂

    2. JenVT says:

      Board them at a boarding kennel. They can be kenneled together for comfort.

    3. Natalie says:

      there is a wonderful place in florida were im from called chateau poochie and they get exercise and walks and splecial care and tvz they have a dog limo and private jet that can come pick up your pets(they take dogs too)

    4. Marco's girl says:

      Check with your veterinarian’s office to see if they can recommend a bonded and reliable dog sitter that will come in an actually stay in your home. I do this when we are on vacation, as I have three dogs. I have two dog sitter’s that I use and they have worked out just great. Our dogs get to stay in their own environment and I get to relax! We do have a great kennel here where I live called the Grand Paw, which has "play time", where dogs are separated according to size, and have supervised play…my two youngest have attended this and love it. You may want to do a google search for what is available in your area. Good luck and congratulations on the baby.

    5. Wiry says:

      There are some crate-free kennels, although some kennels with crates are very nice too. They allow dogs play time outdoors during the day. You just have to look around and ask around. Make sure you visit the kennels and if they won’t let you see everything inside, run far away! Also make sure they check vet records (for your dog’s protection).

      I send my dogs to kennels for daycare weekly. They always come home happy!

    6. Dee says:

      Is there a teenager in the neighborhood that might be able to do it, or another neighbor that live close by that can check on them every few hours? My nice just had a baby and what we did is everyone took turns going over there to take care of them. Maybe you could ask the family if they would mind doing it for a few days. Even if you are in labor they should still have time to run to the house and take care of the puppies. Then run back, im sure that they will have cell phones to let the person know if you go into the delivery room then they can run back to the hospital. Good Luck

    7. Smeagol says:

      well I’ve searched the internet and thought hard about it but i still can’t come up with anything I’m really sorry

      I’ll keep trying tho

    8. Just the facts says:

      This is what BOARDING KENNELS are for! So dogs are SAFE & taken care of by PROFESSIONALS,not some nitwits.
      Too bad what it doesn’t" wike"=they’re PENNED,not crated! Rough life,eh?

      & pray tell….wtf are you going to do w/2 UNTRAINED spoiled rotten beasts when you’re taking care of a neonate 24 hrs. a day?

    9. Milky says:

      Have the people that are coming to wait at the hospital with you take shifts. Explain that you would like them to take turn spending a few hours at your house. Offer them food from your fridge, a chance to shower, somewhere quiet to relax for a little while guilt-free because you really need their help. Have someone come visit every 4-8 hours, something to that effect

    10. luvbuggies says:

      Pet sitters. They come to your home and pet sit. Of course, then you’ll have a complete stranger in you home. But if you aren’t willing to kennel them or send them some where else, you really don’t have a lot of options.

    11. moondog says:

      Oh Goodness! Are you having a crowd at the hospital when you give birth? Are they all planning on staying at the hospital for 24-48 hours?
      Surely not.

      Surely if your husband is present for the birth he can pop home a few times for a couple of hours after the baby is born to feed the dogs and spend some time with them while you are resting.

      If not your husband, maybe some of the other people you have at the hospital who the dogs are familiar with can take some time out to spend some time with your dogs. Believe me you won’t feel like having a crowd of people around when you want to sleep and recover from the birth.

      Set up a roster system so the dogs have company. You seem to have enough people that it should be possible.
      Don’t stress. It will all work out ok…and congratulations on the impending birth.

      ADD: Just read your added info that the hospital is hours away. In which case I would approach the lady who fostered the dogs. She will probably be only to happy to help out.

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