What to do about a semi-aggressive dog?? PLEASE HELP?

I have three dogs ( well they are all family dogs because i am 13) one is mine and they other two are my dads and grandmas. My dog hubble is about 4 years and she has a sister named smokey who is also 4. My other dog who is much bigger then them is sen-chi. Anyway smokey attacked hubble and there was an horrible fight in which both of the dog had to be separated by animal control and taken to the vet. Hubble had more damage then smokey but they both got hurt pretty badly. Now they are all separated from each other (including sen-chi) and have to be kept in kennels most of the day. Now i am very worried that my dog Hubble will never be able to be around other dogs again. Hubble is a Black Lab mix and weighs about 48 pounds. She has always been overly playful with other dogs. She has been to the dog park many times as well as being around other dogs. She was fine with all of the other dogs ( except her over playfulness, extreme sniffing,running around a lot taking other dogs toys sometimes etc..) I really want to fix her problem but i don’t know where to start. My family are going to go to an animal behaviorist after the dogs go to the vet to get there stitches taken out ( from fighting each other) . I want to know something that i could do now to help her and also what an animal behaviorist might tell me. Please help me i don’t know what to do.

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    2 Responses to “What to do about a semi-aggressive dog?? PLEASE HELP?”

    1. ~Fire Fox~ says:

      If you have an aggressive dog, it’s probably because it thinks it’s the dominant one in the family (or whatever). So you should teach it that YOU are the boss of it, so that way they won’t attack you because it thinks it’s the boss. Lock it in a cage for a while if it does something bad so you can teach it a lesson. You should keep it away from other dogs, babies, and little kids. Since it’s attacked, it’s probably afraid that other dogs might attack it, and for it’s own safety (it thinks), it might attack other dogs as well as humans on impulse.

    2. j1andbird says:

      There are really millions of factors that go into why a dog might do that.
      1. Exercise — dogs need a LOT of exercise. If they don’t get it, it can make them feel very frustrated and it takes very little to set them off. It is good your dog goes to dog parks to play.
      2. Pack dynamics — what was happening when they fought? Was it over a toy? Food? Did the playing just get out of hand? There are so many different kinds of aggression, it is important understand what the dog was actually being aggressive about. Is someone in the family treating the dogs differently?

      Some dogs do not have very good temperaments towards other dogs and may have to be moved to a home without other dogs. The same goes for cats, kids, men, etc. I hope that is not the case, but you never know. I also disagree with trying to be the BOSS of the dog. This can make it worse a lot of times. Dogs are our partners and our friends. Positive, fun TRAINING and attention will focus them on us and what we want. I am very involved with dog training and dog agility and there is no way I could get the dogs to do what I can by having a domineering attitude! Good luck!!

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