what should we do in this situation?

My brothers friend asked to borrow our dog carrier, its a extra large cage that we use for two very large dogs. His friend borrowed the cage and then returned a much smaller one saying that his dog "chewed up" ours.. the kennel carrier is one of those hard plastic ones with a metal cage door.. i do not see how a dog could chew one up. My brother is very irresponsible and probably will not do much to getting the original cage back. I told him to Take the smaller cage back to his friend and tell him to go buy us a new one if his dog destroyed it. The one he gave us is old, small and the gate is rusting. I would not be surprised if he just wanted to keep the Cage because its bigger. Can we force him to actually buy us a new one if indeed our cage is destroyed? Its about a 0 cage

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One Response to “what should we do in this situation?”

  1. Kathi S says:

    The only thing you could do is take him to small claims court, but I don’t know if missing a days work would be worth it for such a small amount.

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