What should I do with this Dog???

I’m a foster mum and currently have my own two kids two foster children (One girl 5 and one boy 11) under my care. I’ve been working lately to help out with the family income so I haven’t been as intentive as I was about 6 months ago. Any way the boy had taken to carrying this big black sports bag with him when he goes out. We didn’t want to push the issue of the bag because he always comes home at or before the time we say. Any way on sunday he went to a footy game with my husband. I walked passed his room and swore I heard a dog. But I thought maybe it was the radio because he had left it on. Later I walked pass and there was scratching, A radio definately can not scratch on a door so I opened it. This tiny little fawn pit cross puppy ran straight past me. I looked in the room and saw that there was one of our flat pack travel crates that was open with some of our dogs toys, puppy wee pads and newspaper in it etc……… to be continued
Any way as I was looking at this sight I herd barking and stuff and obviously the pup had found our two dogs. Unfortunately one of them is still very young herself and can get very rough and I think she scared the pup. It took of down the stairs and jumped some of the way and it fell to the bottom of the stairs. It looked like it knocked it’s self out. So I scooped it up and took it to our vet.

As it turns out it only had a concusion as a result of the fall but there are heaps of other things wrong with it. The vet knows us very well as we have been seeing her for a long time. The first thing she said to me is ‘We have a very good payment sevice.’ She looked at the pups xrays and it has a chest infection and all sorts of things she suspects heartworm and there are a few other things. She siad she can treat it but it will be long and hard for the pup and very expensive….. to be continued again
Now our problem is this, We have enough money saved in our family holiday account to cover most of the bill. BUT! Our council is very strict on dogs you can only have two (we already have 2) for each house they do do spot checks plus pits are restricted so rates to keep them are much higher because they have to come and check your place twice a year. I don’t know if it is the same for crosses.

This boy has looked after this dog so well. He’s had that bag for atleast 2 weeks and his room still smells normal so he’s obviously keeping him and environment clean. Plus he has used all his pocket money on him and he said that when he has been going out it has been to take him to the park and not hang out with friends like he said he would. So he is keeping him out of trouble. He’s so upset that we had to leave the pup at the vet but he really needs the professional care right now.
We really don’t want to spend the money if we don’t decided to keep him. it’s just how do we get around the coucil 2 dog law???? If they check once we could just say he’s my mum’s and we are babysitting. But we’re not going to get away with it for that long.

But then on the other side I think the boy has done a fantastic job taking care of this dog. he would take it to school and I know this sounds really bad but teather it at the back of the over under the bushes with the toys and water. He would pack up the crate and put it under his bed before he left. He just couldn’t do anything with it at the footy so he couldn’t take it. It’s sort of lucky that he didn’t because i found it and he has a fare chance of surviving.

We’re all going to the vet this morning to dicuss our options.
There is another problem. What if the mother of this boy gets him back what happens to the pup?

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5 Responses to “What should I do with this Dog???”

  1. guysnddolls says:

    that’s a tough decision. if you could teach it to sleep and stay out of the way or in your son’s room so that maybe when it comes time for inspection the dog won’t be there….

    or what about keeping it in a garage or neighbor’s house? you son could go over and take care of it to include feeding it, playing with it, taking it for walks, etc. it would be a true shame to give it away and i’d do everything i can to keep it. you could teach it to be an outside dog so that it technically won’t be in the house. you have to do what you think is right. you’re a foster parent, you know how to do the right thing. whatever the choice may be just know that you did the right thing

  2. lilcoz1996 says:

    Oh my gosh, that poor dog must be in so much pain! I am a little confused. Was the boy hiding the dog from you? If he was i suggest you confront him about it explaining thoroughly exactly how you discovered the dog and that he had an accident on the stairs. How you took the dog to the vet and found out that he is in pain and the treatment and may be too much for you to afford. If you consider it you may have to tell him that there is a chance you may have to put him down.

  3. Camri says:

    wow thats really sad. thats a personal choice though.. my moms dogs literally got attacked by killer bees while they were chained up.. they couldnt run anywhere and got stung over 200 times.. these pups are barely even 15lbs… they took them to the vet and he gave them tons of medicine and even kept them for 2 weeks the vet didnt think they were going to make it because they had liver failure and all other types of things wrong with them!! BUT THEY DID!! They are perfectly fine now!! so its really up to you, the pups were ours and we did our best to take care of them they were part of the family. but in your case it just all depends on what the pet means to you! i hope you make the right decision.. dont forget money comes and goes… sometimes a pets love means everything to some people though.

  4. nokeekon says:

    If you put it down, you could maybe adopt another pet…

  5. •Poppy• says:

    This is hard. I can see where you are coming from, really. What does the boy have to say? Clearly he cares about this pup–and if he’s in foster care, I’m going to generalize that his life is far from perfect. I mean, we all need something to care about, and to care about us in return (by which I mean the boy may need this dog).

    Heartworm can be serious, as can chest infections. What does the vet have to say–what kind of chance does he have? Dogs are tough–I had a 2 1/2 month old puppy survive some pretty serious Parvo once. If you are willing to work out a payment plan, I’m sure the dog will be a tough little guy. 🙂

    It’s a hard situation, but I really do think it would be sad to put him down. For everyone involved.

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