what should i do with my dogs during the day?

Well they are puppies and not fully house broken yet, so i dont wanna just let then run around the house, they will potty all over the floor. Ive tried using those puppy pads but they just chew those up and wont go on them. I thought about putting them in our bathroom (Its very large) that way if they spilled their food or went potty on the floor somewhere the tile would be easy to clean up but haha i was wrong, some how after they pooped they managed to get poop smeared ALL over the walls and floor and toilet i mean the dogs are like a foot tall on their hein legs but the poop is up to about 4 ft on the walls its DISGUSTING! so someone told me to crate train them so we bought two large crates, they person told me that the dogs wouldnt got potty in their crate cause thats wehre they lay but haha boy were they wrong, every day when i came home from work i had to take apart both crates and soak them in the bath tub with bleach water (cause there was poop smeared everywhere) on top of that i had to give my dogs a bath EVERY single day because they would roll around in the poop. What the hell should i do? i cant keep cleaning up all this digusting mess! i know their puppies but geez! BTW when they arent just my puppies when someone else is home they take them out of wherever they are so at max the dogs are in their cage for maybe 2-3 a day? should i put them in a kennel or doggy day care all day?
They are only in their crates about 2-3 hours a day and only about 4-5 days a week. They are taken for a walk to go potty before they go in their crate and i never put food in their crate just some water. i figured their last cages were to big so we bought two smaller ones and they same things is happening. THEY ARE DRIVING ME NUTS!
Ok i dont think you guys understand……..im not leaving my dogs alone for a long period of time, i really do love my dogs and im very patient with them, im just getting tiard of cleaning up shit! I spend a lot of time with my dogs and when im with them they are very good dogs, i HAVE to have a job to keep taking good care of them and my home so i work everyday. they are left at home but not for very long, i do give them lots of attention and i treat those freaking puppies like their my children they are very spoiled!
Seriously people? Why are you all saying I dont have time for them? they are left alone for maybe 2 hours a dog only about 2-3 days a week max! other then that i am by their side 24/7, they even sleep with me every night! i do have time for them i just need some suggestions to know what to do with them for those couple hours a few times a week.

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    12 Responses to “what should i do with my dogs during the day?”

    1. Andie says:

      Wow everyone is really laying into you!

      Get a smaller crate or crate dividers. When the crate is too big it gives the puppy a sleeping spot and a potty spot. The crate should only big enough for the puppy to stand, lie down and turn around. The puppy will not want to lay in its poo, so it will not go in a small crate. Any bigger and the dog will eliminate in it.

      They may be rolling in each others poo and if they are kept away from the other puppy’s poo they may stop doing this. Two puppies are crazy hard to train at the same time. You are going to have your work cut out for you! 🙂

      When you are home just make sure you work really hard on potty training. Take them out often and give them TONS of praise when they poo outside. They will get it eventually.

    2. AUSSIEMOM says:

      the crate should only be big enough for them to stand up, turn around and lie down. i bet you have crates that are way too big

      ***i am almost willing to bet that you are not feeding a proper diet to these pups.. they sound like they are pooping way too much

    3. Gonsta says:

      This question should have been asked before you decided to get the dogs, being aware of what you are going to do and what you were going to up against should have been your first thoughts.

      When getting an animal you have to commit to that animal completely and when making decisions regarding it, you should always have the best interests of the animal in mind when looking after it.

      Young dogs left alone for long periods will do that, that’s why its important to spend long periods with them when you first get them or have someone around who can spend time and train them otherwise they will be bored and confused.They need structure, praise and routine.

      If you are leaving the dogs for long periods so they can do what you have been explaining ( smearing shit everywhere) you haven’t got the dogs best interests in mind.

      The area is obviously to small, they being left to long and you have the wrong mindset, your only concern appears to be that you have to clean up shit, well guess what they have to walk, sleep and stand in it for long periods because there is nowhere else to go.

      PS Use paragraphs

    4. Misslineous says:

      You could put them on a leash and collar and go for a walk around the neighborhood. You can put them outside every once in a while with their leash and put the leash as long as you can. If the puppies still will not go and will only go inside, then say "Go potty" and until they go potty they cannot go back inside. Your puppies will get the hang of this. My family tried it on our dog (our dog used to sleep inside, but now he sleeps outside) and our dog got the hang of it.

    5. Alyssa B says:

      You should take it out for a walk and then see if it has food and water if it does not have food and water then feed and water it that’s what i do with my cats every single morning but i do not take it for a walk i cant because my mom is always at work until 2:30 and at 3:00 take it for a walk if your mom is at work go outside until your mom gets home and there you got it do that with your dog bye

    6. Marian M says:

      Don’t get any more puppies while you are gone all day. Adopt an older dog that is already housebroken and will be killed if not adopted. If you can afford day care, that would be the best option. They are pack animals and need a leader with them to grow up to be normal dogs.

    7. Ed M says:

      Find a new home for the puppies. Young puppies need more than you are willing to offer!

    8. emsbaby says:

      You might have to put them in doggy daycare or get a babysitter. If you don’t have time for them maybe you should think about finding them a better home. Puppies need to be taken out every 2 hours, every time they eat, drink, wake up from a nap, and after they play. It seems like your schedule doesn’t really fit them in it, maybe you shouldn’t have got them.

      Not to completely sound bitchy which I’m sure I do, I’m just being straight-forward.

      Good luck hun

    9. moondog says:

      Any dog will have no option but to poop in their crate if they are not taken outside often enough. How long are these pups left in their crates until someone gets home to take them outside.

    10. purpleprincess95@ymail.com says:

      well, a kennel would teach them some good- but they are puppies- you must respect that. maybe a doggy day care..

    11. shannonmom says:

      First, your crates may be too big. The crate should only be big enough that the puppy can stand, sit, lay, and turn around comfortably, but don’t give it room enough to use part for a toilet. Second, walk the puppies before you put them in the crate, and let them out every 2 or 3 hours, max, to poop/pee. Don’t give them food in the crate. Give them time, they will figure it out as they get older, but if you can afford it, a doggy day care would be good for them for socialization, etc.

    12. Natassia says:

      Try to enforce a feeding schedule…

      Eating at certain times will usually mean pooping at certain times.

      Crate them with just a bowl of water and a safe chew toy.

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