What should I do with my dog next week?

I am not excited about this situation. We adopted a dane/ pointer mix, a tad over a year old (to our knowledge) right after Christmas. Our thought was it was perfect timing, we had NO plans until summer when our baby was due, so the dog could get used to us and our household (we have young kids already) before the baby came, and we could train a few bad habits out of him.

Well, my mom now needs a major surgery and she need someone to stay with her for a week or two during recovery. I’m the only one available, so my kids and I are going to her place for two weeks.

What do we do with the poor dog?
I can bring him with us – major cons: my mom is allergic so he can’t be in the house. He can be in the garage where her cats normally stay – it is heated – (she’d kick the cats out for the week, they are feral and can always stay in the barn or old house where a few cracks let them in), no fence, only a chain and a small outdoor kennel.
We can leave him here – major con: husband works 10 hour days, dog would have to stay in kitchen whole time.

I’m leaning toward bringing him with us, but I’ll take any advice I can get, because it’s not going to be a fun week or two for any of us no matter what happens.

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13 Responses to “What should I do with my dog next week?”

  1. John Fast says:

    Hi (askername) I understand the problem you have gone through when trying to train your dog.my friend is in the same situation as you.nothing worked for him untill he came accross the dog training success program,he’s been having great success with it,may be this is some thing which could be right for you.

    Good Luck

  2. Taylor Marsh says:

    Is he an outside dog? You can take him with you and if he is an outside dog just keep him outside as long as the place is fenced. If not can you leave him with your husband at home but outside. Have you also tried asking you friends if they would like to look after him for a week or two. Even better i guess if they own dogs and they get along together? Good luck

  3. FidosCityGuide says:

    How about a dog sitter, or walker. They could give the dog exercise while you are gone. Now is not the time to upset you mom’s routine or the love she has for the animals she has been caring for. It’s great that you want to take care of your mom, but do it with respect. She has been caring for feral cats, that you want to kick out of their home so you can take your dog with you. Not cool. FYI I am a dog person not a cat person, just respect animals.

  4. Laurel says:

    I wouldn’t suggest taking him with. Your mom’s allergic and he’s a puppy, he needs room to run + he needs lots of attention. I would have a friend who enjoys dogs watch him.

  5. Bailey Johnson says:

    Have you considered boarding him? I know it can be expensive, but find a reputable boarder or "pet hotel" and they take great care of your doggy. A good doggy hotel will have a few hours of group play and exercise for him as well as individual attention throughout the day. Most of the people who work there are so good with dogs that they do a little training with out even realizing they’re doing it, so he may come back with a few bad habits bettered.
    Otherwise check with neighbors or close friends that have dogs. I have taken my parents’ dog while they go on trips. Its fun for both dogs to have a playmate for the week, it’s cheaper than boarding, and you know who is watching your pup.

  6. Christopher S says:

    Take him if possible. If not, good quality kennel where he will get what he needs.

  7. Jade says:

    If it’s not going to be too long, pay someone to take care of him. A neighbor, friend, someone who lives close would be idea. From the looks of things, your husband would be able to take care of him in the morning and at night, so you’d only need to have someone come in between those two times to let him out. I accepted about $5 a visit for a job I did, but walking long distances would cost a bit more.

  8. ? says:

    Do not put it in a kennel. The best thing you could do would to hire a neighbor kid that wants to make a little money. You can also look online for pet sitters that will come to your house.

  9. Myra says:

    If I need to be away for extended period I will board him at my vets, not that expensive and I also know he will get care and attention.

  10. courtneykole11 says:

    id say garage. that way you can feed him and know that he is being properly cared for even though you will be spending alot of time with your mother. you can never really trust sitters/boarding

  11. βαḑwoɭf says:

    You could pay somebody to take care of him

  12. horsefreak140 says:

    I would bring him with me if I were you. That way you can keep an eye on him. You don’t want to leave a young dog alone inside a house. If the cats are feral, then they won’t mind staying outside for a little while.

  13. SifuGreg says:

    Boy that’s a tough call. If I knew of a really good training facility that did boarding or the trainer would watch the dog, I just may consider dropping the dog off for some tutelage. Although not optimal without the owner in attendance, the dog could learn a TON and you could just do a crash course to support the training upon return. Beyond that, I’d prefer to take the dog with me rather than put them in a generic kennel. No friends that can watch him? If you do take him, please remember to give him plenty of exercise and mental stimulation items. Have the kids set up sleeping bags in the garage and spend lots of time with the dog. Here are some ideas of items you can use to extend feeding time into mental stimulation time.

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