what punishment is suitable for animal cruelty, neglect, abuse, and scummy puppy mill owners?

After reading in yahoo news about animal welefare, i’m even more sicken then I was before. Stiff fines just aren’t enough! Who do we write to, to make the punishment fit the crime? These aren’t abused, neglected children, but I feel we should punish as if they were. part of the article is below.

In the early 1990s, investigations by animal welfare groups, media attention and raids shut down some of the worst mills, but they are on the rise again, according to the Humane Society of the U.S. and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Virginia, along with Missouri, Oklahoma, Ohio and Indiana, are considered hotbeds of puppy mill activity. Earlier this month, authorities raided an operation in Hillsville, Va., seized 1,000 dogs and sent them to shelters. The raid revealed the suffering of these breeding animals. Many didn’t know how to walk on solid ground, never having been out of a cage.

In a nation of dog lovers, how could such operations thrive? Explanations include weak laws, lackluster enforcement and demand for pedigreed dogs.

Under federal rules, a beagle could legally spend its life in a dishwasher-sized cage. Nor are there enough inspectors: 105 are charged with overseeing about 10,000 facilities, including kennels, zoos and research labs. High-volume operations that sell directly to the public don’t need a federal license, and most state laws and enforcement are weak.

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    9 Responses to “what punishment is suitable for animal cruelty, neglect, abuse, and scummy puppy mill owners?”

    1. Paul H says:

      My advice is to report them to the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA), they work with the people at fault to find solutions that will benefit both parties. For example, they are helping to put an end to the use of extracting bear bile in Vietnam by helping to find synthetic substitutes, they have also developed a kit to identify products that contain bear bile. Please visit http://www.wspa.org.au

    2. bonnie k says:

      I think if they are caught they should be locked in a cage too small for them only be fed once a day, and not be aloud out to use the bath room so they can sit in it just like abused animals, or starved if they starved a dog or have the shi* beat out of them if they did the same to dogs..

    3. hwinnum says:

      I’d like to see a wide range of punishments available dependent on how bad the situation is and the motives of the people accused. While I have no sympathy for deliberate abuse that harms an animal, I’ve known people whose animals some might consider to be abused, but in actuality the owners didn’t live much better and were doing the best they could. Those people need help, not fines or jail time. I’ve also known someone that was falsely accused of abuse and whose reputation was badly tarnished by the accusation. Only the people who really knew him, knew better than to believe the charges. When it comes to livestock, the average person doesn’t understand what is regular care and what is abusive.

      Knowledgeable people also need to be wary of legislation designed to "protect" our animals. Much of this legislation has little basis in reality and is an attempt by animal rights groups to do away with animal ownership. Pennsylvania’s proposed "puppy mill" legislation would put legitimate kennels out of business.

    4. greenrose1922 says:

      Puppy breeders are not scared of being found. Your right. The pricey fines are not enough to make them reconsider what they do to these dogs. I think that they should be made to spend a little time in jail. Even if it’s their first offense. That should make them think twice. If they get caught again, I think that guy had a good idea. Make it were they can never own or live with an animal ever again.

      Have you thought about visiting the PETA website? They don’t just do, slaughterhouses and fur wearing celebrities. The organization is concerned for every animal on this planet. And you don’t have to pay for anything. You can sign their petitions and learn ways to help animals. It’s worth a look if you are interested in learning new ways to fight for the animals who cannot fight for themselves.

    5. Bill says:

      A significant fine (calculate how much they made off of their cruelty and fine them that much), and a mandatory minimum incarceration with the rest if the prison term suspended so the offender can do lengthy community service. Lifetime prohibition on owning any animal.

    6. versantly says:

      check the laws in your county & city. if you still aren’t satisfied, talk to your congressman.

    7. Just Joshin says:

      I think that using animals for research to help make products safe for humans with no regard to the welfare of the animals should be commended and rewarded with cash prizes and medals. That way humans will stay healthier and worthless animals will be able to serve some purpose.

    8. Joshot says:

      you decide

    9. Health & Wealth says:

      I agree with Bonnie K. Let the punishment fit the crime! If these breeders had to spend EVEN ONE WEEK in a cage of filth, with no access to sunlight, exercise, fresh food and water, other human beings, etc, they could actually see what this treatment is like. These animals, in many cases, are sentenced to a LIFETIME of these abuses, simply because they were born.

      Oh, and to the complete loser (Just Joshin) who made the most incendiary asinine comments I’ve ever seen, since I can’t send you an email, "Have fun in Hell" and good luck with your ensuing karma.

      On a legal note, until animals are considered anything other than "property", the laws will be ridiculously weak.
      I think it’s crazy that in some states you can get a restraining order to prevent your abusive partner from harming your pets, but that the pets are still considered "property".

      We can only hope that the people who care will eventually outnumber, or at least affect the people who don’t.

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