What kind of cough syrup can dogs have?

My 2 month old coonhound has kennel cough, the vet gave him some antibiotics. He said i could give him some cough syrup too, but i forgot to ask if it had to contain certain things or what. Is there a certain brand that is safe for puppies? I’ve been taking him in to the bathroom and running a hot shower so he can be in the humidty, is there anything else that will help? He’s just so miserable:(

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  1. petcompanion says:

    You can buy a bottle of Respiratory Aid online – http://www.petwellbeing.com/dog-cough-medicine-p74.cfm

    It is a cough syrup that is made just for dogs. It helps to soothe kennel cough and also has antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties, as well as being an effective natural expectorant.

  2. Fields of Gold says:

    My Vet always recommends Benilyn Paediatric cough syrup for dogs with Kennel Cough. If you can’t buy this brand where you live any reputable Children’s cough syrup will help to soothe his throat.

    The coughing and retching will subside within a few days but it is advisable to keep him away from other dogs for three weeks as it is very contagious.

    One of my boys contracted KC at a Dog Show about 6 months ago and passed it on to three of the other dogs so I know how miserable they get. I think it’s worse for the owners watching their beloved pets retching all the time and there is nothing much you can do about it for the poor dog, it just has to run it’s course.

  3. eshires01 says:

    Try getting back to your Vet on this. I had an Adult Collie who was having trouble with a cough. My Vet actually had me get a people script filled for Hydrocodone (which is a narcotic) to help ease her cough …. you should’ve seen the look on the Pharmacist’s face when I said, "No. it’s not for me … it’s for my dog."

    We did help her out with a couple food items as well: chicken soup, honey, and cayenne pepper; all of which are good for the throat!

  4. bXrlucy says:

    We use cough syrup for babies. On a puppy that young try to avoid giving it as there is sugar in it which will make his poo runny. One thing that seems to help the younger ones is home made goats milk ice cream, it sounds weird but it works. Make ice cream like you normally would but use goats milk and cream instead, and don’t put sugar in. It seems to soothe their throats and it will cheer him up, what kid hates ice cream?! Also you could give crushed iced with a drizzle of baby cough syrup, like a doggy snow cone. These are both things we do. But to be really careful I’d just call up the vet and check.

  5. Lorraine says:

    Try this – a remedy from a friend, which I know lots have benefitted from.

    Kennel Cough Remedy –

    one big dollop of honey (buy the most expensive you can afford – Manuka is the best)
    1-2 drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil
    one big dollop of Blackcurrant Jam
    mix with previously boiled water – about half a pint.
    Let it cool a bit.
    pour some in dogs bowl. repeat every 2-3 hours. This is completely safe and no worries about overdosage!

    As soon as one of mine start coughing, all of them get dosed.

    I have always managed to get rid off Kennel Cough within 4 days with this remedy. I do also give Benylin too, as per childs dosage intructions on the bottle.

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