What is with my dog ?

Our one year old heeler mix has spent most of her nights in a dog crate inside our house. At first she hated it, which wasn’t surprising but eventually got used to it. Lately however every time we say bedtime she goes and hides underneath the table. After trying to coax her into her kennel for about 10 mins she will slowly walk over to it with her tail between her legs and peeing her way across the floor. What the heck is going on ????? She has constant access to outdoors via a doggie door, we’ve tried the treats thing and she couldnt care less, and she is NEVER put in her kennel as a punishment. We have gotten to the point where getting out the mop and bucket at 11 pm is just getting ridiculous ! Please help !

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8 Responses to “What is with my dog ?”

  1. Helen B says:

    it sounds like she is frightened. did anything happen to her while she was in the crate, like something fell on it to make a loud noise, try letting her sleep outside the crate and put her food and water inside to see if she will go in and out.

  2. Mattynoonan says:

    i would put it out side and tie it up to a pole out side untill she gets used to it hope it helps

  3. Sapphirea says:

    The tail between her legs is a definite sign that she’s scared. Are you talking in a positive tone of voice?

  4. Beyond Bleach says:

    she saw the grudge

  5. chronix38 says:

    not sure

  6. Davros says:

    Try to lock your dog up as little as possible. For a dog to be locked up is the same as a human in that they get bored with no mental stimulation. If you must lock her up, try and get her in with food or a toy that she likes…

  7. Ryan J says:

    The force is with your dog.

  8. arp2007 says:

    maybe the dog is scared…thats what it seems like…ask your vet

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