What is the correct size for a dog pen?

My dog Rufus is a weimaraner. As you all probably know, they can be incredibly boistrous and demanding of your time, which frankly does not suit my lifestyle. After I have taken Rufus for his daily trot around the block to do his business I want my ‘me time’. To this end, a friend has offered me an indoor dog cage. It is 1 metre by 1.5 metre. Is this going to be enough room for Rufus to live in for 23 hours a day?

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    5 Responses to “What is the correct size for a dog pen?”

    1. mauveme49 says:

      23 hrs is a cruel and selfish thing to do. Re-home the poor dog if you can;t be bothered to spend more time with the poor dog.

    2. Shannon says:

      I was going to answer your question seriously. Then i saw "23 hours a day". Seriously?

    3. Cookie says:

      A dog can not exist in a crate for 23 hours at a time. It’s considered abuse by any standard of care. You need to seriously think out the reason you want to keep this dog and rehoming it would probably be the best idea. If you want a pet that doesn’t demand anything of you other than feeding and a place to potty, get a cat.

    4. Debbie Parish says:

      Rufus told me no way he’s staying in that pen. He plans on making a jail break soon as possible. I can’t say where he’s headed. My life is in danger if I do.

    5. Julie D. says:

      Since you want your *me time*, why don’t you go into the crate for 23 hours a day. Make sure you place the crate in either your garage or basement. Trolls just love dark places.

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