What is the best way to ask my landlord if i can get a dog?

I have recently moved to n.c. with my husband for the military. this is our first duty station and he is getting deployed for the first time in june. i didnt realize how much i msised animals until i moved into a house without them. when we signed out lease on our house, we decided to agree to the no dogs policy because we loved the house. now i am nervous about my husband leaving and would feel better with the added protection of an australian shephard or border collie. i have some points i want to bring up, anyone think they will be beneficial or have more suggestions?

–the dog will be kennelled when i am not home, and if i go away for the weekend or longer it will stay at a friends.
–i will get a dog at least a year old and potty trained
–i will be willing to pay a security deposit for the dog
–i will be training my dog in obedience class

we also live in the country so there is a lot of room for the dog to live. and i know my landlord owns a dog because the day we signed our lease, it was running around our house. please let me know if you think i have a good case.

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7 Responses to “What is the best way to ask my landlord if i can get a dog?”

  1. Mark says:

    I would tell him that allowing you get a dog is going to be mutually beneficial– it leaves you the client happier and more likely to stay longer and it protects the property. Any training the dog receives is a plus 🙂
    I dont see why he wouldnt let you get a dog unless you plan on letting it inside…

    If that fails try http://www.visec.net/index.php?agentid=support01 for a home security system

    good luck

  2. Summa says:

    I’d start with asking him why he doesn’t allow dogs. Most likely his reason is the mess, but just get him talking about the subject rationally.
    I obviously don’t know your landlord, but a lot of people when confronted with a subject that they have already made up their mind on, won’t really listen to your points, and may just say no or argue and cut you off while your speaking.
    When you do get around to asking outright, ask such in a way that he will see you are willing to accept his answer.
    In the midst of conversation, I’d probably start off asking by saying "do you think that I’d ever be able to get a dog if I (kept the house clean)?" see what he says and then say "It’d just be nice, since my husband is going to be away a bit." get him feeling your situation.
    If he ends up saying no, ask him what other pets he might allow.

  3. Rebecca says:

    It really depends on your landlord. My mom and I moved into a townhouse and on the lease it stated that no pets were allowed but our landlord said cats were fine and 3 of the 4 towhouse he rents out have cats.

    You really have to ask him straight out. Don’t try to hide a dog and don’t make it an awkward thing. If you can have a dog, then that is great! I couldn’t imagine not having a pet. But, if he says "No dogs means no dogs" then you’ll just have to accept it. See if you could even get a cat. Most landlords don’t mind cats as much because they’re smaller and cause less tear on a house and they are also quiet so they won’t bother your neighbor’s. You should also get an alarm system even if you do get a dog, just to be on the safe side since you will be living alone while your husband is deployed.

    Good luck and I hope you are able to get a pet!
    And thank you and your husband for being a military family!

  4. MacBeth10 says:

    My best idea would be to just ask them straight out, tell him/her you will clean up after it and just don’t let it get into trouble

  5. Dafid21 says:

    Always worth asking – and you’ve made it clear you’re willing to pay any damages. And he’s obviously a dog lover as he has one!

  6. Bryn says:

    The only way you will find out is by asking. Ask your landlord straight out, and tell him why you want a dog, and say what you have above. If he says yes, ask for the agreement in writing so you don’t have problems later. If he says no, well you need to abide by that – it’s his house after all.

    Have you had a dog before, particularly of these breeds? Border collies in particular are extremely intelligent and need heaps of exercise and mental stimulation to be happy and healthy. They can cause a lot of trouble if they are bored, and I wouldn’t recommend one as a first dog.

  7. Red Pony says:

    He may just tell you to install a burglar alarm.

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