What if my dog can't be on a set schedule?

I have a 5 month old pointer whom I’ve had since he was about 8 weeks old. I wasn’t crating him at first because the crate I had was for a previous dog and it was huge. At first, my puppy was pretty good at using the pee pads, which i placed by the door, but he still pooped a few feet away (which I expected would happen). Since he has gotten bigger and older, I decided to try and use a crate to get him fully house trained. The crate is a little big for him, but I hate to buy a new one that he will out grow in a few months. One thing everything that I have read has said is to keep him on a set schedule. However, I work in retail, so some days I work 7-4 while others may be 2-12. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do if I can’t have my puppy on a specific schedule?

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2 Responses to “What if my dog can't be on a set schedule?”

  1. Blue Dolphin says:

    its ok if the crate is a little too big if ur gone for longer times then it will be better more to move. if i were u i would just leave it outside or put a dog run so that they dont have to b in a crate for that long. you can bring the crate inside for like night time.

  2. Marvel says:

    We bought a larger crate for our puppy because we didn’t want to have to buy more than one when he’d grown out of his first and he’s absolutely fine with it.
    As for a schedule, we don’t have a set schedule for our puppy, he’s just turned 5 months and he seems fine with that too. We put his food down in the morning(2 portions at once), he doesn’t eat it all straight away, he munches through the day, we add the last portion before 6pm so he’s not eating too late otherwise he’ll want to go out for a poo in the middle of the night.
    He gets up when we get up, so if we have a lie in, he’s happy to have one too. So he’s not always fed the same time in the morning.
    We take him out to relieve himself whenever he runs to the back door and first thing in the morning, he normally lasts through the night and he copes being on his own for a couple of hours without going in his crate.
    He always gets walked at different times too. He’s pretty good, I think your puppy will just adapt to your lifestyle.

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