What does it mean if a stranger's dog runs up to me panting,waging their tail,smelling me,and licking me?

Sometimes when someone is walking their dog their dog comes at me.Sometimes they are leached and sometimes they are not and their owner laughs and says he’s friendly or she’s friendly and sometimes when I walk in my neighborhood a dog I don’t know runs at me then they pant and wag their and I pet them then they smell me and lick me.Is it the person’s character or dog’s character that makes the dog do these things?I love animals could it be that they love me to.Even strangers cats approach me and rub themselves around my legs.

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8 Responses to “What does it mean if a stranger's dog runs up to me panting,waging their tail,smelling me,and licking me?”

  1. Sexy Snuggles says:

    They are people friendly.

  2. CINDYR says:

    Means the same thing as when a guy runs up to you panting, waging his tail, smelling and licking u???
    They might just think you’re one of the guys and how else do they say hello and greet other dogs but by smell, wag and lick.

  3. Erica says:

    I would have to agree with Oregano. All it means, to me, is that the animal is friendly, and the owner needs to learn how to properly contain their animal. It also means that you need to be more cautious about petting a strange animal. While they may act friendly at first, it doesn’t always mean they will act positively to a stranger petting them. You could be asking for an attack or bite without even realizing it. Personally, if a strange dog approaches me while I’m walking, etc… I ignore it and keep walking, especially since I’m usually walking with one of my dogs, and at least one of my children. I never EVER pet a dog I don’t know with no owner around, nor do I allow my children to do so. I understand that while a dog may be acting friendly, it may not react so friendly to a stranger petting it.

    You have NO idea whether or not the dog is aggressive, fearful, etc… based on the fact that it’s acting friendly at first. You also have NO idea what the dog’s triggers are, if it has any, and have NO idea whether or not petting it could spur an attack. You also have NO idea if the dog is up to date on its shots, is healthy, etc… There are far too many factors involved for my tastes to be petting a strange dog. This is also true in the case of a stray cat. Many people don’t realize it, but a cat can do just as much damage during an attack as a dog can. Ask my husband, he’s got the scars on his hand from a surgery he had to have due to a cat attack, to prove this. If I were you, I’d be a bit more careful in the future about petting a strange dog or cat.

    ETA: @ Sheri, I didn’t even notice that, lol! I really need to start lookin into this kinda stuff BEFORE I answer a question, lol. Thanks for posting that!

  4. booboo says:

    maybe ur on your period

  5. S G says:

    The animals like you too.

  6. ladystang says:

    they like to be petted.

  7. oregano13 says:

    All it means is that they are friendly and their owners have not taught them proper manners. They shouldn’t be off-leash if they approach people or other animals without being invited to.

  8. Sheri says:

    Aren’t you tired of asking this question?

    You are simply changing the wording but it is still the same as others you have asked

    example http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20100416190735AAfzSe6

    Thanks for playing but your time limit on this question is up


    OK Scuby per your email.. her is the break down of your key words … 🙂 So you will stop asking the same question

    Tail wag .. Dogs use their tails to express many feelings. It is your job to interpret them. Fast wagging tail means a dog is excited, happy. But a moving tail does not always mean they are friendly. Some dogs will still wag their tail when upset, nerves, apprehensive or are going to attack which can cause some people to be bit if they do not understand the body language of a particular dog. Each dog has their own body language.

    Smelling … When dogs first meet each other or a new person they greet them by smelling their scent. It is a way of introduction for dogs to sniff each others backsides and a way for a dog to smell and sense the approval of their approach.

    Licking … Is the way a dog shows affection, submission and respect to pack leaders, as well as they also may like the taste of the salt on the skin..

    Panting…A dog will pant when it is hot as this is how they rid their bodies from over heating as well as they will pant when excited and happy to see someone or something.

    It is the character of the person as well as the dog which will dictate the manner in which an introduction will proceed.

    FYI…Just because a dog runs up to you does not mean you pet it, and certainly not before allowing the dog to smell your hand and not asking the owners permission first. If there is no owner present..you either do not pet the dog or you can risk your chances on the dogs temperament and pet him.

    An owner should never, even if their dog is on a leash allow their dog to go up to anyone without first asking the person if they mind if the dog says hello.

    Common courtesy from owners, dogs and people, is a must so there are no incidents and is always a good experience for all involved.

    Hope that answers everything for you

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