What do I do about my Roommate/Friend…? please help? I gave notice but she kicked me out early.?

Basically this is my third attempt to live with one of my friends. Long story short, I can’t continue to pay the rent she is asking for so I gave her my 30 days notice, even though I am moving out 5 days earlier, I advised her I would still pick up groceries for the month, the last month of the cable bill (in which she was supposed to be paying for the internet and never has), replace her bathroom rugs (for pet issues/her pets), and I already replaced the shower curtain, however, when I gave her my notice, she kept saying that it was a "short notice" and not 30 days….however I have documentation stating that I will be moving 5 days earlier, but PAYING for a full 30 days, I even misquoted the amount by too much, she got pisst and told me this is the last time she is doing this and that she did a whole lot for me to move in (funny I cleaned and painted the room with my family for a sandwich), i’ve been cleaning up after her dogs all the time, cleaning up the maggot infested garbage, doing her dishes and keeping my own bathroom clean (which is a have too), however I’ve done a lot too, but because I couldn’t afford the rent the way I thought I would, I never bought groceries (however, out of 2 months, I’ve only at at the house maybe a total of 5 times, twice in which I went 1/2’s on the food)…..Her daughter stole stuff from me, etc, etc…etc….however, on Friday, she tried to cause a fight about a turkey burger and then had the lack of nerve to wait until I left for work to TEXT me that she wants me out on the 1st (I still have 17 days left in my 30 day notice) and told me that she can’t continue to pretend like she is cool with me (we haven’t really talked in 2 weeks because of this) and that she wants me to get out, pay the remainder of the rent until the 17th and then also replace the rugs, groceries, etc…….DOES THIS MAKE SENSE TO ANYONE???? If she is evicting me during my 30 day notice and not allowing me to have my legal right to remain a tenant until my 30 days notice is up….then I should have legal right not to pay her a dime!!!!! Also in the State of CA, it is illegal to kick/evict anyone without a 30 day notice if lived in the residence under a year…..over a year and its 60 days……so I packed my stuff up the same day she told me to get out, rented a uhaul truck, paid for a storage, and help moving and I don’t feel it’s fair for me to pay her anything at all…..please help! What do you think?

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6 Responses to “What do I do about my Roommate/Friend…? please help? I gave notice but she kicked me out early.?”

  1. Tim says:

    You are in your right. I would take her to small claims and sue her.

  2. Natasha B says:

    Don’t pay nothing don’t replace nothing…she had no right to kick you out early.

  3. w.e says:

    to late now you should of called the police department.

    ur stuck now sounds like she a a two face bitch tho.

    unless u wanna hire a lawyer and fight it

  4. chupakabra123 says:

    sounds like she did u a favor.

  5. moi says:

    thats illegal

  6. Lev8mysoul says:

    If she wants you out, you’re better off from the sounds of it. It sounded like it was a bit of a disgusting mess in that place.

    No, you shouldn’t pay her anything other than the rent due up to the date you left. SAVE that message, as it will prove the date you were told to move out if she decides to try to take you to court. Save all paperwork, receipts, etc. too.

    Did you put your 30 days notice in writing? If so, save the copy of that as well.

    If this is the third time you’ve tried to move in with friends, maybe it’s time to work on a way to get your own place, even if it’s a studio apt or something. Good luck.

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