What could be causing my dogs cough at night and when she runs around?

I purchased a Daschund 6 weeks ago. When she first started coughing we thought it was Kennel cough. The vet put her on some medicine and it went away for a while, but then it came back. The vet tried another round of medicine and that seeemed to work for a while but then the cough again came back. Last time I went to the vet, the doctor was not able to make her cough, and she left it at that. (The previous time she was able too and that is why she reccomended more medicine) We are taking her to the vet today because last night it was horrible, I felt so bad for her. At the end of her cough she is hacking, but nothing comes up. I really wish I knew what the cause was.

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9 Responses to “What could be causing my dogs cough at night and when she runs around?”

  1. Jessie says:

    Has this dog had a heartworm test?

    Or a chest X-ray to be sure she doesn’t have something stuck in her lung or trachea?

  2. Madeline says:

    maybe she ate something bad or got poisen in her system

  3. Hannah C says:

    I actually have a cat with those same symptoms. I took her to the vet and she sad that Heather (My cat) might actually have asthma. I actually have something you have to spray into her throat, something its kinda hard to do that, but it helps very well. Also I have an air circulator that also puts out some of the asthma medicine. I put it in my bathroom. When I notice the coughing/wheezing gets pretty bad, Heather and I sit in the bathroom, shut the door, and stay there for about half an hour with the circulator on. It makes it so that she breathes in the medicine. (it also helps me too because I have small case of asthma)

    I hope this helps and your dog feels better.

  4. ♥ APBT♥ @thletic Allstars® says:

    She could have

    Kennel Cough
    Heart worms
    A breathing or Respiratory problem
    Or something could be lodged in her throat..take her to the vet.

  5. lovely says:

    Try regular old Benadryl. She may have allergies which could be giving her a scratchy or dry throat. So give her some for a couple days and see how it works for you.

  6. L says:

    My dog does that and we haven’t found out what it is yet. It comes and goes. You can never really stop it if you know what I’m saying.

  7. Pyar says:

    Try another vet … someone who actually graduated school.

  8. RITCHIE V says:

    don’t stop giving them the medicine cause it stop coughing. You gotta continue giving it to them. they have something called, Universal skamula pencitileable mestraka booyaka. your welcome.

  9. IrishVT says:

    It could be anything from an allergy to dust in your house, to kennel cough or bronchitis to lungworm or heartworm. Even heart disease can cause coughing, especially in a small dog like a Dashy.

    If your vet isn’t able to find anything or is not willing to go over the possibilities with you and insists on only feeding your pet the same drug, I would highly suggest getting a second (or third!) opinion.

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