What can the Shelter do for me?

I found the perfect dog an animal shelter. Her name is Lea. I’ve been researching and looking for dogs for more than a year. She’s the perfect dog and I’m not sure if she’ll still be there after vacation. Do you think the shelter can hold her for me while I’m gone? I don’t think so because I’m gone pretty long (2 1/2 weeks) but then again, the shelter is somewhere where most people don’t go. It’s behind a hardware store. We could only find it because we had a GPS navigator system. I don’t even know if I can see Lea this week. Maybe if we pay the shelter extra money they’ll let me. But new dogs keep arriving and then Lea would take up a cage. If I adopt her and put her in a kennel, it won’t be good. If I give it to someone to take care of, Lea would think that they were her owner and love them more. Please Help me!

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5 Responses to “What can the Shelter do for me?”

  1. Leanna G says:

    I would go ahead and get the dog. Depending on where you’re going to on vacation, you may be able to take her with you. A lot of hotels are pet friendly (many are not, but a lot are). Another option, would be to contact a trainer and find out if they will do a couple weeks of in board training with her. That way, when you get back from vacation, you’ll have a dog that is well trained waiting to start her new life with you.

  2. garys says:

    I personally doubt they will wait, space is shelters is very limited and they try to get this dogs adopted out asap. Them holding a dog for 2 1/2 weeks just because someone says they want the dog does not seem like a responsible thing to do. If you really want the dog, maybe sacrifice 2 1/2 weeks of relaxing for years of companionship.

  3. KwayzieBonz says:

    Some shelters will hold as long as you put down a deposit on the dog you like. And some don’t depending on the shelter it might be first come first serve type thing.

    Anyways good luck with the pup!

  4. lemongreat23 says:

    Hmmm i would go to the shelter and ask them.

  5. Messykatt says:

    You need to go to the shelter and ask! You also need to meet her. I hope for your sake it’s a great fit and she’s exactly what you want, especially since you’ve been looking so long. But sometimes it’s different when you actually meet the pup.

    And then ask them what to do. I’m sure something can be worked out, even if they can’t keep her themselves. Maybe one of the volunteers would offer to foster her for a very low or no-fee while you’re gone if they need the cage. But it all starts with meeting the dog.

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