What can I do for my birds when I go on vacation?

I am going away on vacation for 8 days in March. I have 2 parakeets, and I am still not sure what I can do when I leave. I take my dog to a kennel, but obviously there is no such thing as a bird kennel…so I don’t know what to do! I was thinking of just filling up all their food dishes, leaving extra water, and a few treats, plus I’d put a timer on the lights. But they would be living in filth for 8 days because there would be nobody to clean the cage! (Plus the water might even become dirty) I know someone who used to have a bird, and I might be able to take them to her…but I’m not sure if that’s possible yet. Which is why I am asking this question just in case I don’t have that option. THANK YOU!

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8 Responses to “What can I do for my birds when I go on vacation?”

  1. Alan says:

    We have a Grey, an Amazon, and 4 cockatiels. When we go away We have a very trusted pet sitter that comes into our home twice a day to check on then and feed them. I know that goes a little beyond, but they are members of our family and we want to make sure they are taken care of. If you don’t have or can’t find a pet sitter for the birds I would look into boarding them either at your friends or at a trusted store. We have 2 close by, but prefer to keep them in familiar surroundings. I would probably not leave them alone for a lengthy period. They love human interaction and I agree the water should be kept as fresh as possible. Unfortunately the larger birds use their water bowl as a toilet occasionally and wouldn’t want that to sit. Its not an easy decision and you need to decide what is best for your birds and you. Good luck. Let us know what you decide.

  2. Calypso says:

    I wouldn’t risk leaving them for 8 days, not just because of the dirty cage, but what if an accident happened like their water spilled? Then they would die of dehydration! Or they could contaminate their food or what if one of them injured themselves? A day or two by themselves is fine, but I think 8 is just too long.

    The above person is correct in that many bird stores will take the birds as boarders, I would especially check with smaller independently owned stores, as they are more likely to care for birds.

    You can also pay a friend to come by every day and care for them. There are also professional pet sitters-you can find them in your local phone book, or advertised in the newspaper. I petsit where I live and for parakeets I would only charge $5- a day, providing that you didn’t live too far from my house. Of course if you decide to go the pet sitter route, make sure to ask the person for references and definitely check them!

    Good Luck!

  3. BudgieGirl says:

    Please don’t leave your birds alone for 8 days, even if they have extra water/food.
    See if there are any breeders that would be willing to watch them for your vacation (you would bring the birds/cage to their house).
    You could also leave your birds with a friend who has birds too.

  4. Miss Kayla says:

    If you only have one bird, up to a few birds, you should be able to find someone who can look after them for you. How do you find such a person?

    If you are like many birdkeepers, you friends just do not understand your attachment to your bird(s) and show no interest in getting to know them. Even though one of your friends might be willing to look after your bird, if they show no interest in the bird when visiting your home, I would not leave my bird with them. If one friend does show an interest, but does not have a bird, this person might be a good one to teach what has to be done to look after your bird the way you look after him. If there is a responsible teenager in your neighbourhood who loves animals, you might ask him or her to meet your bird and see if this person could be a possible bird sitter. I was lucky enough that my child’s babysitter was also my vacation pet sitter.

    If none of your friends or neighbours show any interest in your bird, you will be forced to look somewhere else to find a bird sitter. A good place to start would be a local bird club – you may have a parrot club a canary club or a finch club in your city. Often, people who keep one type of bird either enjoys all types or has more than one type of bird, so it does not really matter which club you contact. Be sure to contact them long before you plan on leaving for your vacation, so you can talk to anyone interested and see how they interact with your bird. If possible, you should go to this person’s house to see how his or her birds are kept as well.

    If there isn’t a bird club on your town or city, there may be one in a neighbouring city (with members in your city), so don’t be afraid to expand your search area. If you can not find anyone in a bird club to be your bird sitter, another place to look is a pet supply store in your area. You can ask the owner of the pet store if he or she knows someone who could look after your bird and if not, you may be allowed to put up a poster asking for someone. Remember not to give too much information on your poster that could identify you or your home location.

    It is best to have someone come into your home so that your bird’s routine is not distrupted too much, so hopefully you will find someone who lives near you. As a last resort, you may find someone who will take your bird into their own home and will have a separate area of the house away from their birds.

    No matter who you choose for this position, make sure you spend time with them and let them know exactly how you care for your bird, make sure there is plenty of food available for them to feed your bird and/or money to buy any fresh food that you want fed to your bird. You might want to take a mini vacation for a couple of days to see how things go before leaving on an extended stay away from home.

    Do you have a bird sitter or do you never leave for a vacation? Drop by the forum with your suggestions on finding a bird sitter.

  5. Mooned Y!A says:

    I think your birds will be alright, but you can ask a trusted neighborhood kid to visit your house once a day and take care of the birds. Leave a key with the kid. Pick someone whom you trust though.

  6. brucemoko says:

    Many bird stores will board birds for you. Or you could find someone to pet-sit for you. Or you could take them with. Leaving them alone for 8 days won’t work.

  7. Bob says:

    put it in a cage…duh

  8. Jonathon says:

    get a well trusted family friend a have them take care of them

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