What are the months my dog needs flea and tick protection?

She weighs 10lbs and is very much an indoor dog. Uses pads indoors and never goes on the grass outside. I am in a motorized scooter and she rides with me on it if we go out. Goes very seldom in car with someone to vet or other.

Also, what months for heart worm protection.We are in Naperville, Il a suburb 30 miles west of chicago Il

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    6 Responses to “What are the months my dog needs flea and tick protection?”

    1. Peekablue says:

      Year round, even in winter. I live in Missouri and have seen and heard about flea problems well into the winter months, even this past winter, which was bitterly cold. The same goes for heartworm prevention.

    2. Goldenpony says:

      You need to be screened for heartworm before mosquito season begins (don’t ever give medication without the vet check) and stay on it until the first good frost (although it’s best to go year round). As for fleas, it depends on your area and you dog. I had one that chewed itself raw for one flea and the others never scratched. I use capstar for problem times and flea comb her nightly. Fleas are in the warm months and a monthly program will take care of both such as Frontline or Advantage. Your heartworm medication will also help with worms but your vet will give you the best guidelines for your dog and your area.

    3. Ikafish says:

      I have not given flea or tick ‘protection’ in years. You are probably better off just checking her regularly and if you see one, remove it or give her a bath.

      As for heartworm, here is a guide: http://www.tibetanmastiff.net/Heartworm.html

    4. Lauren says:

      Flea and Tick protection is needed from mid spring ’till when the weather breaks in fall. This is how you tell: When the mosquitoes are out, the fleas and ticks will be out too. A flea collar should suffice, but if your dog gets fleas, you have to give them a flea bath.

      On the other hand, heart worm protection is needed year-round. Go to your vet and get medication.

    5. Jenny says:

      Tell your vet what you told us.

    6. Trish says:

      Heartworm is usually recommended year round by vets but another rule of thumb would be getting a yearly heartworm test and start dosing when the mosquitos come out. The stuff is actually kills the bad guys from the month before so make sure to give them heartworm at least a month after the last mosquito is gone.

      For fleas I highly recommend dawn dish soap (the original)! Cheap, easy, SAFE and effective. You can watch the little buggers die. I only use Frontline PLUS (safe for pregnant dogs according to the packaging) when I absolutely have to which isn’t often if I’m regularly using Dawn.

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