What are the chances of an 8 year old getting a story published?

I’m eight now but I’ll be nine in May 2009. I am writing a book about the life of a dog. It is called "The diary of a Jack Russell Terrier"
Here is a bit of it:
Rats! Lola the Poodle has just been adopted. It’s not fair! Lola has only been here two weeks and I’ve been stuck in this place for three years. I’ve never even had a visitor, let alone a buyer.

Alexandra, one of the staff at the Hillside Kennels, has served my dinner. Cold meatballs.

I bit her.

How could she even think about serving me meatballs on a Friday?

"That hurt, Friday!" Alexandra yelped and started rubbing her thumb. I barked at her. I hadn’t bitten her that hard.

"Hush, Friday," Alexandra said sweetly all of a sudden. Her manager, Alice, was approaching.

"What’s wrong with Friday, Alexandra?" Alice asked.

"He’s a mad dog, that’s what’s wrong with him," replied Alexandra…
"And he’s just bitten me," she added.

"He’s just a dog, Alex, what else is he to do?" Alice said. She was hoping to avoid an argument.

"Well, he can bite someone else," Alexandra mumbled.

Alice and Alexandra walked out of my cage and I couldn’t help thinking that Alexandra pulled a face at me as she walked out.

I decided to take a little snooze before I got into any more trouble.

I was awoken by the sound of Snickers, the fat American bulldog whose cage is next to mine. I peeked through my cage and saw he was having supper.

That Alexandra has served everyone supper and has deliberately missed me out!

I decided this deserved another bite as soon as the opportunity arises. Oh well, I wasn’t that hungry anyway…

A new dog has arrived at the kennels. I suppose she thinks that the Hillside Kennels is a lovely place. She’ll soon find out it’s the most
horrible place on the planet, probably the most horrible place in the universe!

Everyone is crowding around her and calling her a “little sweetie pie”. I heard Alexandra saying: “I wish Friday were as well behaved as you, Jewel.”
Ah-ha! So that’s her name!
Jewel’s very beautiful… I think, since the crowd hasn’t gone and I haven’t had a proper look at her yet. Kerry, another staff member at the kennels has just moved over. Thank
the Lord, now I can have a proper look at her.

I see a tuft of white fur. It is a Chihuahua.

The crowd is beginning to get smaller. Now I see her clearly. Her glossy fur is trimmed short. Alexandra is STILL buzzing around Jewel, tying a pink spotted ribbon around her ear. Jewel seems quite happy about all the attention she is being given.

“Now you look all smart and lovely, cutie pie,” Alexandra says and twirls the ribbon around her fingers.

If I were Jewel I would have bitten her, but instead Jewel licked Alexandra and rubbed her head against Alexandra’s hands.
Please no rude answers like Oh that sounds rubbish
But still be honest with me.

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6 Responses to “What are the chances of an 8 year old getting a story published?”

  1. vizzy01 says:

    Riss’s idea of trying a Younger Writer’s Competition sounds good, try this site! >> http://www.youngwriters.co.uk/

  2. Lena says:

    Um… you’re eight? This is pretty good for eight. But, I believe you. I have been writing since fourth grade.

    I think you should change the title. Too weird, and it’s kind of like the Diary of Anne Frank, only it’s a dog. How could a dog write in a diary, anyway?

    The meatball thing on Friday does not make sense. I mean the dog’s name is Friday! How about the dog doesn’t like cold meatballs. Then, when the girl tries to give Friday them, it will make sense that he bites them. You could say, "How could she even think that she could give me meatballs cold? She knows that I hate them!" or something like that.

    Have fun! I hope you get published. You never know! I mean, it doesn’t really matter how old you are. It’s all about how well you write. I mean, a lot of people think that is about age, but that is just mean! I mean, a six year old could write well enough if they really tried!

    You have a gift. Don’t let your age get in the way. Just write. It doesn’t matter what people think. Because somewhere out in the world, there is someone who is looking for just what you wrote. And they won’t care how old you are. So, just remember that your gift cannot wait. If you write well enough now, you will have it forever, if you work on it.

    Good luck, sweetheart! 🙂

  3. Fat Dragon says:

    If you were 25, I would say it needs work.

    Coming from an eight year-old author, though, this is incredible. You’re way, way ahead of your level as a writer. People are generally very impressed by child prodigies, which, judging by what you’ve written so far, you might actually be. Coming from an adult author, most publishers wouldn’t publish this, but from an eight year-old, they could market it as "by kids, for kids", and, if you can write an entire novel as well as you’ve done so far, I’d say your chances would be good (with a good agent directing the progress, even if your "agent" was just your mother or father) of being published.

    The first publisher I would go to if I were you would be Scholastic – since they sell books directly to kids and teachers of kids, they would be one of the more likely companies to publish your book.

  4. Holden Caulfield (Antihero) says:

    Chance of getting it published? Minimal. Your a little too young.

  5. Alexander says:

    This isn’t an answer, but I feel I have to speak.

    This is so cuuute!!! O_O

  6. riss says:

    you have to be joking! ur only 8?! that is amazing. i wish i could have written half this well at your age. i dont know the chances of you getting published at this age without the help of an adult. but they have those young author writin contest thingings try those. i would totally bye that book ur amazing! 🙂 good job.

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