What are the chances a dog will eventually attack if the following is true?

The dog runs toward the person everyday and stops about 50 to 100 feet away and barks furiously. What are the chances the dog will eventually try to attack?

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    7 Responses to “What are the chances a dog will eventually attack if the following is true?”

    1. Stark says:

      It doesn’t matter what the chances are, because there IS a chance that dog will attack, and there is no telling when. Who’s dog is this? You should talk to the people and ask them to please control their dog before you come over.

    2. greekman says:

      Slim to none. If that dog was going to do it, he would have done it by now. What is stopping him is fear and the wrong temperament, the same thing that stops most dogs from engaging a human, The same story I repeat every time someone says that their dog would protect them without training. Now, if this person decided one day that he would turn and run, invoking the dog’s prey drive, there may be a slight chance, so long as the person was running and never turned to face the dog displaying open aggression. Other factors come into play as well, such as the breed, age, etc, but that is the most likely scenario to happen.

    3. bluebonnetgranny says:

      The dog is keeping his distance & is more than likely just warning the person. If the person make any intentions movements towards the dog, the dog will more than likely back up.

      This dog could be a back biter if he comes closer as you are leaving his area.

      Is the dogs tail wagging or held down? Does the dog have his hackles up? How is the dog posturing?

      If this happens everyday the dog is just saying HI but be on your way.

      It all really depends on the dogs shown intent. To me it sounds harmless but if a person is afraid of dogs the dog can sense it & react to that fearmone.

      Does the dog stand in a racked stance or does he look like he is ready to attack?

      Many things to look at or think about.

    4. MommaBear says:

      I don’t think he will until that person gives him the first sign of aggression.
      For some reason that dog is very leary of that person.
      Sometimes the dogs can feel that persons fear, if that person is afraid of dogs.
      I would always be aware of this situation and treat it as though the dog "will bite" this person, just to try to stop a bad thing from happening.

    5. irishgoddess07 says:

      if it is only one person that the dog is approaching, you will have to watch out for behavioral signs, such as;
      a stiff stance
      ears pinned back
      head down
      fur is raised
      these are some signs that it could possibly be a dangerous situation for that person…
      however, your dog could just be protecting your yard or wherever he is.
      i would say watch for those signs and if they do occur, remove that person from the situation.

    6. Shanna says:

      Pretty much all dogs bark if they feel their territory is being threatened. The biggest factor is what the owners are like. If the dog is decently trained and socialized, the odds that he will attack are pretty low. On the flip side, if the owners have not bothered to socialize the dog, or if it is just chained up outside and neglected, etc., then the odds are a lot higher that he will bite.

    7. unholyghost2003 says:

      no way to tell, there are too many unknown variables. Is there an invisible fence that keeps the dog back how close is the person getting to the dog’s property? Is the person wearing a suit made of beef?

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