we think it's kennel cough?

so we think our 4yr old Golden has kennel cough and we think he got it from Petco, he was there just over a week ago. and I think i triggered it last night taking him for a run., we have a vet appt tomorrow., Well we also have a 14yr old Lab(who is very healthy for his age), and we are more concerned with him getting it due to his age. Has anyone else dog had this? I’ve read it’s just more annoying than anything. Has anyone else’s older dog have it, were they ok? did the vet give them any meds?
I do realize it is highly contagious, and yes we are bringing both dogs to the vet..thanks!!!

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2 Responses to “we think it's kennel cough?”

  1. lynn42 says:

    Yes my husky had gotten it from the dog park! I was so mad people were sharing water bottles. Some thought that giving them a plastic pool would be fun for them. Well he had gotten kennel cough. He was vaccinated too. Now we don’t go to that park any more. To many aggressive dogs (and owners). We put him on antibiotics. It was about three weeks or so for him to start feeling better. We have fond a much better place to walk and run open spaces acres and acres of land.

  2. sharon red baron says:

    Kennel cough is very contagious, it is annoying and it is similar to having bronchitis. If left untreated it can turn into pneumonia. Antibiotics are given to treat it. I would voice my concerns for the older dog being around the younger dog when you visit the vet. Vet may want to treat older dog as a precautionary or at least give you some meds to keep on hand if symptoms show up.

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