We are going overseas for three weeks?

Leaving our dog a staffy cross pittbull with a kennel. He has been minded before but not for this long. It will be 22 day altogether

Do you think he will be ok?

Anyone with experience with these breeds of dog, how do they react to being locked up in a cage for so long?

We have had him since a pup and he is 3 1/2 NOW. Male and not desexed yet.

Any advice?

What should we do? Give him some bones to take?

We are anxious that our dog will be ok and feel guilty for leaving him for so long. Its our honeymoon though so….. what to do? We leave Wednesday early. We are dropping him off Tuesday night

Im sort of stressing that he will dig out or run away etc

Advice form people who get their pets minded please

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    6 Responses to “We are going overseas for three weeks?”

    1. jes says:

      Get a relitive to watch him he will think you left him, he can get stress and get sick, kennel cough ect. at a kennel its not good. not good.

    2. berner mom says:

      Can you have someone you know and trust come over to look after your house and dog?

    3. la buena bruja says:

      When I go away, I get a pet sitter to stay at my house. Do you know anyone who knows your dog who you could pay to stay with your dog at your home?

    4. dogsbestfriend27 says:

      What type of boarding kennel is this if you are afraid that he will dig out? I had surgery last year and couldn’t handle my rottie’s training, so I left him with his trainer. She worked on his food aggression, and then would bring him over for visits and then take him back with her. Do they have trainers there at the facility so that they can work with him while he is gone to give him that extra TLC? Will they allow a neighbor who knows him come over to play with him during the day?

    5. Loraine F says:

      Leave a piece of clothing that you haven’t washed yet, but worn a day or two before leaving. That way your scent will be with him and he’ll be more comfortable.

      Be sure he’s been vaccinated against kennel cough. It’s a spray up the snout, as well as up to date on all other shots.

    6. Kirsten R says:

      I’ve had my dogs boarded for up to two weeks and they were fine. Had the time of their lives.

      If at all possible, find a kennel that has indoor/outdoor runs so the dog can go inside and outside as he pleases. If that is not possible, find a kennel that has an exercise yard that will take your dog out and play with him or walk him (if he doesn’t care to play) every day.

      Leaving an dirty old shirt (that smells like you is a good idea). Just be sure it isn’t a shirt you love because it may get destroyed. You can also mail him a fresh dirty shirt each week if you are so inclined.

      However, I’ve worked at a kennel and what I discovered was that the separation was much harder on the humans than on the dogs. For the vast majority of dogs, by the time the owner’s car hit the end of the drive they were out running back and forth in the run and talking trash with their neighbors and generally having a grand old time catching up with everyone.

      Dogs live in the moment. Sure they love you and sure they miss you. But they don’t dwell on it the way people do. They can go ahead and enjoy whatever they are doing at the moment. When you return, you’ll probably get quite the reception. Dogs don’t tend to hold grudges the way cats do. But as excited as he will be to see you doesn’t mean he was miserable while you were gone.

      He’ll be fine!

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