Vicious Bull breed dog? (20 Characters)?

While I was away at work, my so called "friend" wrote me a note and put it on my front door saying "Kelcie- I’m going on a 3 week vacation. Dogs not allowed, figured you could watch them. Pay you when I get back. Thanks"
They didn’t even give me a heads up or ask me! They left the dogs in one of the kennels I have in my backyard.
My family and I have 24 of our own dogs and now we are watching his!
His dogs can not stay in a kennel as they belong to my dogs and I put my dogs in them when I can not be outside with them. They also have NOTHING! No leash, collar, food, bowls etc. The female is an APBT/American Bully and the male is an American Bulldog/Olde English Bulldogge. I know he is a BYB, and I have been trying to talk him out of it, and I noticed his female is pregnant. When I was examining them I also saw the male has scars on him. I know he has been fought, I feel like it’s intentional, but I have no proof. His male also tried to attack my dog through the kennel fence.

My question is what should I do about these dogs? His female is as sweet as can be, and she is due any day now. I am happy to house the female, she is good with my other dogs, only skiddish. She is never left unsupervised AT ALL. She is a pleasure in the house. However, the male is horrible! He has not left that kennel as I don’t want him near my daughter, or my dogs!

I work at a "Pit" rescue and I was planning on asking their advice, but they are closed.
Any suggestions?
I only let her around my female dogs, her size or bigger. I don’t know how she is with other animals so she is kept away from them. My females were welcoming at first, (as I foster dogs), but left her alone afterwords. After she was greeted I put her in a quiet room away from everything, so she can have puppies in peace.
I have a muzzle and will but it on him tomorrow, as I am not going to take the chance in putting it on him tonight in the dark. Plus, tomorrow I will have help.
I live at home with my parents. My dad is a cattle farmer, so a lot of the dogs are herding dogs (Border Collies). My dad and mom also are breeders. However, they are very reputable and have many references including vets. They usually sell to other farmers in the area.
My sister lives there as well, she has small dogs living there.
My mother and I have a soft spot for the bully dogs and have taken in those that need homes.
We also have some mixes.
Usually when I foster it’s only 1 dog at a time.
We had 2 extra kennels but one was starting to fall apart so we threw it away as it could no longer hold in any of our dogs. The other the chain link fenced was torn off by a Mastiff we fostered. We still have them but they would never be able to hold that dog in, nor am I willing to take the chances.
The only reason I have any contact with this guy who is a "friend," is because he is my ex-boyfriend’s friend. I know all of them had a past with dog fighting, and when I found that out I no
longer had contact with them. This person knows I knows the bully breed very well, and feels he can trust me. I have not talked with him in 2 years. I feel he is hiding his dogs at my place until something blows over, what I do not know.

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7 Responses to “Vicious Bull breed dog? (20 Characters)?”

  1. Munchkin says:

    you are way nicer than me, those dogs would already be at the pound already …

  2. Doc M says:

    Hmm Seems to me some people just shouldn’t not own dogs. 24 of your own dogs? are you are Breeder, Farmer with a big herd of cattle/sheep or something else, the mind boggles. Sounds to me a bit like the blind leading the blind.

    You may also think about the quality of your friends as well. Nevertheless, you have their animals on your property and are therefore responsible for them. You need to set up an temporary enclosed ‘run’ for them until your ‘friend returns’ if he does.

    If you are, as you state, in the game of animal rescue you seem somewhat lacking in response resources, (extra empty pens for rescued animals?

    It seems that yet again we hear of a dog problem with potential bad outcomes, all because some people insist on misusing and abusing dogs and sadly those most often in the spot light are Pit Bulls or crosses. I wonder why that is?

    I have owned and loved 4 dogs who all lived full healthy and happy lives I have little time for those who exploit a breed to satisfy their own sick needs to see animals tear each other apart for the amusement of other fools and degenerates. Not accusing you of that situation but your story sounds a bit strange and/or incomplete to me. Please do the right thing by the animals. doc

  3. --Khayos-- says:

    Take the dogs to the rescue. When he gets back and says something just say "what dogs? I got the note but they weren’t here…"

  4. Nichole Stevens says:

    I would say bring it to the pit rescue you work for. And probably have someone check the dog out, vets can normally tell if they’re fighting scars. You can also bring him to court and say he’s not a good owner for pretty much abandoning his dog.

  5. Clumsical of the !MC! Squad says:

    If you aren’t comfortable with the male, give him to a shelter. Your "friend" had no right to just dump her dogs on you like that, and since they are technically in your care, you have the right to take him to a shelter.

    Yes, the possibility of him being euthanized is incredibly high. But to be completely honest, would you rather him continue to live- risking the possibility of adding another pit bull bite statistic to the ever growing list, or being forced to fight again?

  6. Canaille says:

    Pretty much you are doing what you can do at this time. Be sure when your friend gets back you let him know how upset you are, by the way. Do your best to re-educate the male. You’ll want to get a muzzle for him. I’m sure the rescue center you work at will tell you the same. If he’s been fought, he’s going to need a lot of work, love, patience and "calm assertiveness" to help him get back to lovable.

    If the female is okay with your dogs, then you should be able to just leave her with yours, though I suggest separating your males from her, just to be safe.

  7. Voodoo Dolly says:

    Three weeks is a really long time to be taking a vacation without having made proper arrangements for your dogs. It almost seems like your "friend" is planning to dump these dogs on you and will conveniently need new homes from them when her/she gets back.

    I very much agree with the above posters. You sound very experienced with dogs, but this sort of situation is shocking and can easily "knock you off your game." Do you actually own all 24 dogs? Or are they fosters?

    The first thing I would do is muzzle him as soon as possible, there are tutorials online for home-made muzzles if you don’t know how to do it.

    Secondly, can you separate him? I asked about the ownership because if you own all 24 then you know which dogs are best trusted. Put the jerk-dog in an end kennel and bring in any trustworthy-i-wont-destroy-your-house dogs and keep them in a bathroom overnight (unless you have indoor pens or kennels). This isnt’ just because he is and may continue hurting your dogs, it’s also because if your friend was irresponsible enough to not make arrangements for these dogs, chances are they may not be properly vaccinated. Who knows what they could be carrying. Get him away from your dogs asap and don’t put him into a plastic kennel (if he was fought he might chew through the plastic to start problems).

    I would also move the female so she’s separated for reasons of quarantine as well.

    Can you call your "friend" tonight and find out if there is somewhere else you can leave the male? When you get him/her on the phone be assertive in your stance on the matter. This dog may be unsafe and unhealthy. I would suggest to your friend that you leave the dog with someone else (don’t wait for them to call you back with an answer, you need one before you hang up) or to wire you the money to board the dog elsewhere. If your friend seems even more flakey, I would inform them of some totally unreasonable amount it would cost them to watch your dogs. When they object, explain they would have known had they asked rather than assumed it was ok. These are your rates, take them or make other arrangements. (If necessary, passive aggressively threaten him/her that you will have to take the dogs to a shelter if he/she is intentionally ignoring you, even if this is not the case).

    If you feel comfortable with these arrangements, this should be fine to get your through until tomorrow. If not, call the local shelter. Even though they are probably closed for the night, they usually have someone on call for these issues. I know you don’t want to necessarily get rid of the boy (not your dog, moral issues etc.) but it comes down to the safety of your family/dogs, and the health of your dogs so try to think of it that way.

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