UPS package supposed to arrive 'same day' but tracker says Bill info recieved?

Ok, so I ordered some pet supplies from On the site, it says over 90% of their products arrive ‘same day’. I ordered Saturday, and it is now Monday. So I expected the package to arrive today (first business day ect.).

I recieved an e-mail from BAH saying the order was placed, and the package is in UPS’s posession, and gave me a link to the tracker. Since about 12/1pm today, the tracker has said ‘billing information recieved’. It’s now 7pm and no UPS truck has come by.

Is the website slow in updating and the packages are most likely going to get here before tomorrow morning? Or will it come tomorrow (which ISNT same day shipping >:( …)?

I have a new snake comming tomorrow at aprox 10:30am and was hoping to get the heat mat I ordered as well as the thermometer AT LEAST. (I understand that its all shipped together). How late has UPS come for you? Will I get my package today at all? How late might it come tomorrow?

Thank you

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3 Responses to “UPS package supposed to arrive 'same day' but tracker says Bill info recieved?”

  1. Books says:

    By placing the order on a Saturday you can’t expect the same time table. The store gets the order on Saturday, fills it on Monday and UPS picks it up on Monday afternoon. This is normal. Commercial deliveries are made in the morning and pick-ups are made in the afternoon. The package gets to the UPS facility late Monday, gets processed overnight, sent out the next day and depending on the distance between you and where you ordered from, arrives at your place between Tuesday and probably Friday. And the other answer has a very good point, I’m sure the company said the shipments are sent the same day if the order is received early enough in the day, not received by the customer. And this won’t count week-ends.

  2. Andrea says:

    I am guessing their website told you it usually SHIPPED the same day as you ordered. That would mean only that they package it up to go out, not that it would arrive the same day you ordered it. If the UPS tracking number says only billing information received, it means that UPS has not even received the package itself, only that the shipment was set up.

    If it is shipping via UPS ground and you are in the same geographic region that the shipment originated, it is possible to receive the package the next day after UPS picks it up.

  3. jerry w says:

    I checked out the web site you mentioned, it has a page with the "fine print" of their shipping procedures. Here is a link to that page, it should answer some of your questions:;jsessionid=0a0104451f4307f34b691d4f423785a49301df720c08.e3eSbNmQaheLe3eLb40#3

    Note that it says "shipped same day" instead of "arrive same day". Note also that it says that the products will ship UPS ground unless you specifically call to request shipping by air. Note also that orders are to be placed by 2:00 M-F, so if you ordered on Saturday, it would be shipped on Monday afternoon. Note also that it says that there are exceptions for certain products.

    Assuming that what you ordered is not one of these exceptions, your shipment would have gone out on Monday afternoon. How soon it arrives depends on the distance it has to travel by UPS ground. You can find out how long that takes if you know your zip code and the zip code (or at least the city) where it is shipped from. UPS has this information, with a map, on their website.

    I hope this link is for the correct page. It’s been awhile since I used this function; you should be able to plug in the information for your package and get the number of days required for shipping. Also on this web site is a color-coded map showing the number of days required for shipping from every location to your location.

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