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  1. djalikey08 says:

    Hahah check out how many people have watched this… well class!! the guy at 0:40 is so f’ing funny, he trys to speed up to get his balance… KABAM!

  2. djalikey08 says:

    Check out how many people have watched this… Class!! the guy at 0:40 is so f’ing funny, he trys to speed up to get his balance… KABAM!

  3. candyheart999 says:

    Why would u put this thing on it’s rubbish

  4. sextillionekanp says:

    search_”Joe Terino Kesha”_that_kids_TOO_FUNNY

  5. KalebWR says:

    @donator6 Probably as a joke, since he obviously could tell/smell if he was that drunk to fall forwards. Also, makes for a hands down sobriety test fail in court, and an awesome internet fail video!

  6. Yalanchi17 says:

    when i’m drunk that LAST thing i want to do is try walking around… i’m slumped over sittin on the pavement, stairs or plain old floor at worst… what do you do when you’ve had one too many beers?

  7. marthasdemo says:

    @kandalyons did you feel great calling me dumb ass? and unless you look at your self and see your imperfections, you will never be able to become, i did include my self as well in people, as i do things that i regret later, my friend.. but i do see them, and many don’t ever have a clue on what they do wrong..

  8. dddddddddddd71 says:

    they should write guaranted for doing stupid shit on beer bottles XD

  9. RespectTheScience239 says:

    I still cannot believe I am watching this video for a SECOND time in one week. It just comes to show that the world likes to watch humiliate themselves with even realizing they are on camera….I I will honestly admit, this is a very catchy song. Heh..Not that I drink it, but eh…There I said it…

  10. kandalyons says:

    they were drunk 2 u dumb fuck. you come under the heading “people” also why dis yourself

  11. xenima1 says:

    LOL dude at the end is the best XD

  12. xXYannuschXx says:

    very funny -_-*

  13. 182popeye says:

    @klaudijus789 its spelt *beer* not bear

  14. klaudijus789 says:

    Bear Bear Bear

  15. cl1111111111111 says:

    Thumbs up if you pee on the side of the toilet to make less noise
    sometimes. I no you all do it.

  16. MrStickandstones says:

    FAIL!!! LOL

  17. euph0ria1 says:

    0:54 it’s like gta 4 when you drunk

  18. MrBo7amed100 says:

    beer beer im going for a beer

  19. xH0DG3Yx says:


  20. SuperRobjackson says:

    1:10 i’m sure that’s a postman. That explains the Royal Mail then.

  21. Allaroundstuff says:

    The last clip is priceless

  22. BlogueiroKL says:


  23. thraxes14 says:

    @donator6 to see if the man is able to put the line on the ground without falling.

  24. sjch1994 says:

    @12frogz Maybe you should get your information from somewhere other than TV before opening your mouth, idiot

  25. 12frogz says:

    @donator6 two reasons: either the cop is as retarded as i hear that amercian cops are, or he’s a sick fuck who does that trick everytime just for the faceplant…….

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