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I'm moving and need some advice as to where to put my dog's ? (kennel,dog daycare use a dog walker) etc.?

Tweet I have 3 dog’s, very very hyper dog’s lol and i’m moving soon, at the moment i have a big yard that i let them run around in for an hour a day ( 2 hours on my day’s off) anyway i’m moving to a condo and it has basically no yard. The rest […]


How can I get my cats eating again?

Tweet I have two cats, an older female and a young male. About a week ago the older female got an infected eye and we took her to the vet and got anti-inflammatory drops, and an anti-biotic given by mouth. The trip to and from the vet was very traumatic for her even though she […]


Where can I turn in my dog?

Tweet I found him wandering the streets months ago so I brought him home. He has been a good dog, playful and never fights with any of my other dogs. But he just started to escape by breaking the fence every chance he gets. I tried laying rocks all over the fence but it doesn’t […]


How do get our puppy not to yelp, whine or howl when left in her kennel?

Tweet Our almost 3 month puppy yelps, barks, whines and howls every time we leave her in her kennel when we leave to run errands, we live in an apartment and we have to find a way to help her adjusts and get use to being home alone, she is too young and not fully […]


My dog won't poop outside?

Tweet I thought my 5 month old Jack Russell was fully house trained, but for some reason this week has decided that she doesn’t want to poop outside. I get up in the morning same as always and take her out and she will pee, and then wander around and whine and cry and ask […]

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