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Getting puppy tomorrow, advice?

Tweet Im driving 3.5 hours (granted traffic is good) to get our new boston terrier puppy tomorrow! I am soo anxious! I will be driving by myself and with the puppy on the way home. I dont want to keep her locked in a kennel the whole time (of course I will stop to let […]


Will my dog remember this, and hate me?

Tweet We got our dog from the Humane Society Friday, black lab 4 months, she was spaded last Wednesday so she had that little healing going on. We were told no exercise for about 7 days, so I’m patiently waiting to take her for a walk everyday! My fiance leaves for work at 5 p.m. […]


I am rescuing a dog and have some general questions…?

Tweet I am adopting a 1 1/2 year old boxer/lab mix, she is so cute…I am getting her with full vaccinations and she will be spayed…I am obviously going to take her to the vet but want to wait a couple of weeks so she doesnt get upset with me, also the rescue center said […]


What kind of cough syrup can dogs have?

Tweet My 2 month old coonhound has kennel cough, the vet gave him some antibiotics. He said i could give him some cough syrup too, but i forgot to ask if it had to contain certain things or what. Is there a certain brand that is safe for puppies? I’ve been taking him in to […]


How sick is my dog?

Tweet We switched his dog food 4 days ago, and expected some change in his pooping. There was a slight change in feces, but he was pretty regular until last night. When we awoke to him peeing in his kennel. Something he has never done. After taking care of that, we awoke to find that […]

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