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PUPPY HELP ASAP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Tweet hi there, i asked this before but would add more detail because it would not let me before, basically can i keep my 8 week GSD pup outdoors? I have a back garden with a huge wall around it. I have built a kennel with lots of insulation between all da sides and have […]


How to train three dogs?

Tweet I have three dogs. One male who is very smart and house broken. He is very inteligent but when he is with my two females he is naughty! My first female is a beagle mix with greman shepard! Weird I know but she looks like a beagle and is adorable se will sit but […]


How can I get my little rescue dog past her terror?

Tweet I have acquired a beautiful little shih poo mix, as pretty a little thing as you’ve ever seen. She must have been through something horrible, though…she is terrified. Most of the time, she hides under the couch or under the bed. When she does come out, she is wary, and will run when anyone […]


Can you use a pet playpen as a bunny cage?

Tweet i figure if i buy a sturdy one it can act as a big cage? Would that be ok? i would have a mat under it and spread newspaper or that foamy stuff yeah..idk. please help 10 pts BA ok yeah obviously i will put a little thing for privacy i dont want […]


Is it ok to put your puppy in his kennel….?

Tweet for an hour or so, just because you need a break from him? Sometimes, I really just need a break and I’m not sure how else to get one!! Like when I restrict his food so he’s not peeing and pooping everywhere, he gets upset and runs around the house just TRYING to find […]

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